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Rise of Skywalker crosses $1billion globally The 7th Disney film to do so for 2019!!!! Star Wars Episode IX The Rise Of Skywalker hits the global $1 billion mark. Source:
2020-01-16 08:46:11
Rise of Skywalker tops 3rd Weekend Rise of Skywalker has now topped its 3rd weekend at the box office. It has over $900 Million worldwide. Source:
2020-01-06 07:48:35
Rise of Skywalker $26.2M Friday TROS is estimated to be $2.6 million short of the pace of Last Jedi. Source:
2019-12-28 11:42:46
Rise of Skywalker $30M on 12/26 Star Wars Episode 9 took in $30 Million on Thursday 12/26. It is expected to pass the pace of Episode 8, "The Last Jedi", this coming weekend by 3%. Source:
2019-12-27 14:11:13
Disney Stocks Set to Rise this week With a massive first week for Rise of Skywalker and an excellent Christmas Day box office number, stocks are expected to rise for Disney. Invest in Disney using "Stash" app. Source:
2019-12-27 10:21:20
Battlefront 2 Community update There is a new update for the game. Source:
2019-12-27 10:19:47
The Star Wars Saga to be released in 4K All 9 episodes of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga will be released on 4k. Source:
2019-12-27 10:18:45
Chapter 8 of the Mandalorian now on Disney+ The Season Finale of the Mandalorian is now available to stream on Disney Plus. Source:
2019-12-27 10:16:08
Rise of Skywalker - $35M Christmas Rise of Skywalker has second best Christmas Numbers behind Force Awakens. Earns $35 million. Source:
2019-12-26 07:47:19
Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates 8 years Can you believe it has been 8 years since the game was first released? Developers and players now share their experience with the game. See the source below. Source:
2019-12-25 13:58:47
Baby Yoda 11" Plush Available for 03/2020 The Disney store has unveiled a new Plush Doll for Baby Yoda that will ship starting in March 2020. Source:
2019-12-25 13:56:39
Hero UNCC Student honored as Jedi Riley Howell, a young hero who risked his life to stop a shooting, was honored by Lucasfilm by making him an official and Canon Jedi. Source:
2019-12-25 13:53:12
"Rise of Skywalker" expected to reach $500M today Seems that Star Wars: Episode IV "Rise of Skywalker" nabbed a $20 million domestic day on Christmas Eve. The movie is expected to surpass $500 Million worldwide today. Source:
2019-12-25 13:36:45