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Reject a healthcare worker, reject your hope
My sister in law is a healthcare worker as well. She unknowingly contracted Coronavirus. Now her husband, my brother also has it. And my my mom.

During all this time, while we are dealing with the same stress that everyone in the world is probably facing(Such as having my two little girls at home home-schooling), my wife who happens to be a registered nurse in an hospital emergency room is working tirelessly to take care of patients with limited supplies and excessive patients. She had already exposed herself to multiple dangers at her hospital as a healthcare worker such as disease(Other than Covid-19), dangerous Psych patients that inappropriately touch her and threaten her, patients who are just plain old jerks that have no patience for wait time and that berate and accuse my wife constantly. Remember that car that crashed into the ER two years ago intentionally and then the person setting himself on fire? Well, that is where my wife works.. Right behind those same doors. You know your 8, 9 or 10 hour shift that you work at your office or job, well my wife works a 12 hour shift. If that wasn't enough... despite my wife having a to be exposed to this sickness, to this hatred and lack of appreciation, my wife also has the same 5 days of sick time that all of us get and God help her if she happens to be sick just one more day over that time period. She is bound by HIPPA laws, constantly threatened to be sued... It is not a glorious job.

Would you like to know what my wife has to encounter now with this Coronavirus? Imagine a fire fighter going in to a burning building but only having a face mask and fire hose. Not much protection because of the lack of supplies and face masks or coverings. You know what risks she takes? Like a fireman who puts himself at risk of death, my wife puts herself at risk of death too. From patients and illness. My wife caught both Flu A and Flu B this year from taking care of two different patients that forgot to tell her they had the flu. Yet, do you know one difference between a firefighter and a nurse? A firefighter does not bring back the fire to his home. My wife can and does at times.

Do you know what my two little daughters and I go through every day that my wife goes to work? We wait and hope that she comes home safe and that some patient who daily says he will shoot up the ER or stab her, etc.. Actually fails to fulfil that desire. You know what else? We have to wonder what we are going to catch this week or next week. With this Coronavirus my wife has practiced social distancing from us all and that means that I or my daughters haven't been able to properly hug, snuggle, hold or kiss my wife in weeks. My wife hasn't been able to visit her very sick dad who has Parkinsons disease or even be in the same room with her own 75 year old mother.

But you know the worst thing about all of this? Besides that my wife's husband(me) lost his job and she now has to be the sole provider until this all settles down, besides the fact that she exposes herself to all this and has to be apart from all of us and friends because she is a nurse??? It is the fact that my wife is not allowed to pump gas at a gas station without being harrassed, threatened or assaulted because she is recognized as a healthcare worker. Or she can't go into a store to get necessities that we as a family need because they know she is a nurse. What is really sad is that this has been happening to a large percentage of nurses and healthcare workers worldwide.

You know what? If you have done this to a healthcare worker, please realize something: You are not just a coward. You see, it is OK to be afraid. But It's NOT OK for your fear, though, to treat others badly. No, you instead are a jerk. You are denying giving people what they need just for risking their lives to help you. Next time, before you do something like that ever again, just think: It may be you with Coronavirus walking into a hospital possibly infecting the staff and other patients and... my wife.

If you are a healthcare worker, do not stand for this. Walk out of the store or gas station. Call the police. Shame the business on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and and even report to your local news station. Do not stand for that injustice. It is OK to be afraid. It is even to an extent OK to be a coward. But it is not OK to turn people away when they are in need and it is far worse to assault them because you "Think" they are infected. Please Pass this message on!

2020-03-24 21:32:55
Dev Log Entry - 2/7/20 Gameplay
I have 3 goals for this game that I wish to achieve:

1) I want this game's main character development to occur while role-playing. Therefore, Role-playing is the biggest goal of this project. That's not to say that the universe around us can't be further developed and enjoyed. For example, the developed universe can offer context when we roleplay.

2) I want this game to be fun. I don’t want it to be frustrating or make it so people are left behind players that have been playing for a long time. I do not want the RP to have to be spelled perfectly with perfect grammar. This game is meant to pass time and enjoy.

3) I do not want this game to your second life or job. While some games requires months of dedication and activity to achieve something.. I don’t want that to be the case here. We all have families and jobs. We don’t need more burden.

So here is what the final outlook of this game will be like as a general roadmap of sorts:

Travel will not incur any delay whatsoever. You will be able to travel from room to room, ground to ground, ground to atmosphere to space to hyperspace instantly. This does not mean that ship and vehicle statistics will be useless. On the contrary. Those statistics will still work when it comes to NPC battles. They also very much matter for certain role playing scenarios as well since the game will use a specific rolling system to determine your outcomes for these types of scenario’s.
Player Death will not occur in-game, neither will there be any arrest or capturing of player characters. The only way you can be killed or captured is within a roleplay scenario.
Universal development(Cities, stations, facilities, etc..) will take significant time to build. For example.. In the future, your cities will take a month to build, will cost a significant amount of money and will require facilities to be built on them before you can move on to making another city.
Battles between players can still occur. However, this is more for XP and fun and even to a degree: storytelling. There will be a refresh rate for attacking other players and a limit will still be imposed per day on player characters.
There will be several types of role playing scenarios:
Casual - which means anyone can join in. The GM can join in and god mode if need be to how he see’s fit. These scenario’s are considered canon and are considered a past event. However, as it is casual and not much supervision will occur, only a small amount of XP will be given for each player. But no further rewards. The GM does not impose a requirement of what assets you bring to the story. In fact, you can include assets you do not even own. You can participate in as many casual scenario’s at a time that you would like.
Story scenario’s - These are heavily moderated. The GM can not play as a character and must simply run the scenario story. These give higher rewards and XP. The GM can designate how many of certain assets you can bring into the story. As such, you will have an in-system method of selecting what assets you bring in. You can not change these after. You can participate in only one story or current scenario at a time.
Current Scenario’s - Are scenarios which will shut off your characters interactions in-game until it is your turn to post a roleplay. In that situation, your character will have limited locations he can move to in-game(Only those designated by the GM). These scenario’s are considered real time. As such, the rewards are higher, but so are the risks. In these type of scenario’s you can also lose assets. Your character can also die. Once again, you can only participate in 1 story or current scenario at a time.
Live Scenario’s are small roleplays that can be played via live chat. Anyone can initiate it and anyone can participate. Once completed, you will receive a small XP or credit reward.
Roleplay scenario’s will also be used for R&D. For example… in a scenario, you can create a custom ship type if played well or a new hyperdrive engine, etc.. Then once the scenario ends and the administration approves the R&D, you can begin to apply it in-game.
Story assets in scenario can also be rewarded as a “Created item”. For example, a fabled weapon, a holocron or a special painting can be told in a scenario and then the admin may choose to reward the player that ends up with it in the end in-game.
The game will still make use of quests and in-game battles. But this is more for casual reasons, especially if for some reason you can not participate in a scenario.
Skills and levelling will be relevant for in-game reasons as well as RP’s.

So there’s a lot to come. But again, the focus is on roleplaying while using the in-game universe as a guide and a time-killer rather than as the main source of participating. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


2020-02-07 11:54:11
Fighting the evil forces of the Vong
2020-02-04 14:54:46
SimCMS Pre-Order is live
I have finally decided that I will have a release date for a functioning CMS System that can be used to create some functional games and full web sites. SimCMS is now available for pre-order on at this . The pre-order comes at an 80% sale and will give you an early access release prior to version 1.0. The full price once version 1.0 is released, will be $14.99. A functioning pre-release of SimCMS is expected on June 10th, 2020 with a full version of the engine capable of creating full websites and games to come before January 2021. Purchases of the CMS will help further develop this current game and allow me to create great features for SimCMS. Please note that there is a reward price of $4.99 to earn 20,000 game points. That is not for SW-BFS at this time. These points are for a game to be released in 2021 using that will be created with SimCMS. More on that project another time. Your support and spreading the word will be most appreciated! A link at the top of the page will be made available from now on as well! ]]>

2020-02-03 15:37:36
City Building

City Building is now possible. Go to your surroundings panel and select "Start city foundation" when you are at the location you wish to place the city.

Building a city costs 500 million credits and will take 7 days to build.

You will only be able to build a city at your location unless you meet the following requirements:

*You have 500 million credits
*You are building at a grid that does not have a city being built on it already or currently being built on it.
*You are not currently building a city already.
*You are logged in.

These rules are in place to avoid city slabbing across the galaxy. In the future, there will be even more restrictions to this feature.

If you do not have enough credits.. You have a way to earn them now. We released an OOGP exchange page. For every OOGP you exchange, you will currently receive 10,000 credits.
For now you earn OOGP for every NEW page you visit by gaining 100 OOGP. I am going to update the code so that a) you can not just keep hitting refresh on the same page or use some sort of software that simulates refreshing a page over and over. b) to track any that take advantage of this system. If you wish to earn OOGP, please use the features of the game and take advantage that way. EG: Join live chat, post on the forums, travel around a bit or attack fellow players. 500 page visits will earn you enough for 500 million credits. This earning system will be incredibly temporary however. Once more active members are around, the amount you earn will change. Eventually, you will also be capped at how much you can earn. ]]>

2020-02-02 11:15:13
Fixed planet travel ground locations
2020-01-26 10:01:58
OOGP exchange and city building update
Also, so you are aware, City building will be the next travel feature implemented. Now this will be different than how it is done in the combine. Currently in the combine you can visit a planet and slab it within a day not allowing the change for any other players to have a fair chance at building. Most planets have slabbed cities with nothing built on them. This is a bit of a waste and add's very little advantage to players. Therefore, in this game, at first, to build a city you will need 500 million credits. Building a city takes 7 days. While the city is being built you can not build another city(Either for yourself or your faction) until it is completed. These rules will change eventually. The plan is that building a city will cost 1 billion credits, 1000 OOGP(Once the page visit earnings stop), 14 days to establish a city(While not building another in the meantime). But in addition to that, eventually, you will also need to clear the terrain of Vong enemies. And before you can begin construction of another city, the current one you build must have a power generator and at least two facilities, one being a residence of some sort and the other a business. A hotel can count as both and therefore you can build two hotels if need be.

City building will become available some time next week. Enjoy! ]]>

2020-01-24 12:34:51
Small Bug Fix
2020-01-23 16:06:47
Phase 2 Ground Travel
Now keep in mind there are going to be a lot more upgrades to this system over the course of the development. This is by far not the finished product of travel. I am sure this is obvious, but want to keep it out there. So hang tight. More upgrades coming. The next thing I am going to fix is chatting at your location. Then will be city building.

I suspect the phases will be this way in complete:

Phase 3: Fix chat to make it more specific to locations.
Phase 4: Build cities
Phase 5: Focus on creating ship crew permissions
Phase 6: Allow room maps for entities to work.
Phase 7: Allow entity/facility building in cities.
Phase 8: Better entity scanning at your location.
Phase 9: Create System maps and sector maps.
Phase 10: Require ships for interstellar travel.
Phase 11: Create vehicle functionality for terrain.
Phase 12: Create terrain restrictions.
Phase 13: Create Timers, notifications and XP Mining for travel.
Phase 14: Error and bug fixes
Phase 15: Upgrade GUI Look.

So there is a lot to do. Hoping a lot of this, if not all of it, gets done within the next month or two. Stay Tuned. ]]>

2020-01-21 14:03:55
Terrain/City Travel ]]>
2020-01-20 19:44:51
Discord live
2020-01-18 17:08:24
RSS Feeds fixed
2020-01-18 12:52:11
Refugee City
2020-01-18 12:27:36
Rise of Skywalker crosses $1billion globally
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2020-01-16 08:46:11
More credit transfer updates..
-You can send credits anonymously. When you do so, it wont say credits received from so and so. It will instead read "credits have been received by an anonymous benefactor".
-You can also now add a message with your credit transfers. The message will appear on your notifications when you receive the credits.

More updates of course will keep coming soon! ]]>

2020-01-15 12:22:52
What I will be working on over the next couple of
I wanted to share what the next few phases of work will be for me during the next few weeks. I am working on different things for the game at the moment. One thing that will be repeatedly changing over the course of the next few weeks is the chat system. At the moment, it functions appropriately for the intended purpose it has. I would love to add more commands and even some emoji's. But in the grand scheme of things, it isn't a deal breaker. They will be added eventually, but it isn't the priority. Here are the phases of updates I am working on in no particular order for the next couple of weeks to a month:

Credit Transfer:
-Support for different currencies
-Support for anonymous transfers
-Setting up salaries, when to automatically disperse them and a forced dispersal.
-Adding support to set up automatic salaries for new joinies of your faction.

-Adding support to spend OOGP to add more forums and departments.
-Public faction forums
-Ability to add departments and department news and department forums.
-Ability to add live chat to factions and their departments

-Basic Ground to Ground Travel
-Basic Grid Travel within terrain or city.
-Basic boarding ships and having a passenger manifest
-Travel requiring you be on board a ship.
-Room travel within entity.
-Ship scanning so you can see what ships are there.

Chat(Once room travel is implemented):
-Clear chat window when you leave a location. Chat Window will only register the chats that occurred from when you last got to your location until you leave. Once you leave, it will be cleared and the next time you go, the conversation window will start fresh.

Chat Script for Droids, NPC's and characters:
-Basic functionality will be implemented so that you can create a basic chat or dialogue without programming. Advanced options will come later.

-Basic Make Over capability.

The idea is that these features are implemented within a couple of weeks to a month. However, one feature can take from 2 days to 10 days to implement. So be patient. I am the sole programmer and designer and runner of this entire site and game.
Joseph DiPerla ]]>

2020-01-14 17:05:59
We still need help!
If you can help out, that would be great. An incentive to keep you active will also be to award players with OOGP every time you click on a page. Right now we use ads to pay server costs. After 7 years or so.. We haven't earned enough to cash out once or even earn enough to cover one month of expenses. So for the time being, we have added a feature where every time you load a new page, you will receive 100 OOGP. If you see an ad that is interesting, please don't hesitate to click it. This will increase our pay out. This OOGP award will not last forever though. So, take advantage of this now. Also note that clicking on ads will not earn you any rewards. In the meantime, we are working with affiliate programs where we can sell and promote Disney and Star Wars related merchandise. Our game is meant to not just be a place for roleplayers, but to also expose the fanbase to as much of Disney's Star Wars Franchise. So eventually, the ads will be gone. We will pay our costs directly by selling affiliate items directly related to Star Wars.

What else can you do? Host Role playing scenarios on the forums. This can earn you up to 1000 OOGP per post depending on the post itself and can earn you up to an additional 100,000 OOGP at completion of a scenario.

Want to join the administrative team? That also will earn you OOGP. Just private message me and I can get you set up with privileges and payment! This game can't last without you.

Of course, something you can all do is spread the news. Word of mouth is huge. Post on twitter, invite friends, advertise on facebook... The more people know about it, the more interesting the game becomes. As you have seen, we have made big changes and more big changes are coming.

2020-01-13 15:19:57
Next Phase of live chat
/me Message - will return a description of what you are doing. EG: /me went to the store - will display:
"Talibar Zukro went to the store."

/trout name - will slap the named person with a trout. EG: /trout Keibak Aruu - will show:
"Talibar Zukro slaps Keibak Aruu around a bit with a large trout."

/away - will display an away message. It will also show an away status near your name on the list of online users.

/activity message - Will display that you are doing an activity and place that activity name near your name on the status. EG: /activity playing sabacc with a wookiee - will show:
"Talibar Zukro is now playing Sabacc with a wookiee"
Your name will show the activity as: Talibar Zukro[playing Sabacc with a wookie]

/back - will show that you are back and will clear whatever your status is. Play responsibly with these new features.

Faction chat coming next. ]]>

2020-01-13 14:05:18
Live Chat for all users
Please be respectful of others. Do not harass, swear, or make sexual comments of any kind. There may be minors. Always follow the golden rules in any chat. ]]>

2020-01-13 07:44:37
Chat your hearts away!
This is sturdier and will allow better conversations and record tracking.

The chats you see are only chats based on your specific location.

feel free to type in /me to narrate your character's actions. I will be adding much more functionality to this system shortly including a possible RP Battle system that would make it more one on one battle. Stay Tuned.

To check out the chat feature go to "Surroundings" and click "beings around you". The page will display everyone at your location, your grid map and a chat box. Have fun! ]]>

2020-01-13 01:18:16
Ships Inventory released
Ships have been released. It's a basic ship list. However, You can now see your inventory.

For all of you that have signed up, you get a special prize: Your first ship!

The ship you all received is a "Defender Class Light Corvette".

The ships by default will be found at your location.

More updates are coming.

Please also note that a barebones chat system is available at your location. Please note that if you leave the screen, you will lose your chat. So I recommend staying on the page or having a dedicated tab stay on that page so you do not lose chats. A better system will come for that as well. ]]>

2020-01-12 11:44:58
Ship Inventory coming tomorrow
2020-01-11 22:32:15
Phase 3 complete for credit transfer Phase 4: Being able to set up salaries for you faction and having it dispersed biweekly or monthly. Also ability to add messages to your transfers.
Phase 5: Ability for multiple currency types and ability to send transactions anonymously. ]]>

2020-01-08 15:34:48
Phase 2: Credit Transfer complete
There are three more phases to go on this:
Phase 3: Bug Fixes and better Error reporting as to why you can not transfer credits if you have trouble.
Phase 4: Being able to set up salaries for you faction and having it dispersed biweekly or monthly. Also ability to add messages to your transfers.
Phase 5: Ability for multiple currency types and ability to send transactions anonymously.

After that, I will work on simple ground travel and city building. Hoping to get this all done by the end of the week. ]]>

2020-01-08 12:22:56
Rise of Skywalker tops 3rd Weekend
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2020-01-06 07:48:35
Update to credit System
There is also a new error screen outlining the possible reasons for any errors associated with credit Transfers.

The next few days I will focus on updating the error messages further, sending notifications to Factions and senders and also allowing factions to send credits and also have a salary system.

Stay Tuned. ]]>

2020-01-04 21:36:08
Upgrading server
Please be patient as we adjust things on our end over the course of the next few days. ]]>

2019-12-30 12:21:53
Rise of Skywalker $26.2M Friday
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2019-12-28 11:42:46
Home Page updated with new feature list
2019-12-27 17:11:07
Formatting Issues
Your eyes do not deceive you. We are having some formatting issues on the forums. It is being worked on. Stay Tuned. ]]>

2019-12-27 16:10:55
Rise of Skywalker $30M on 12/26
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2019-12-27 14:11:13
Disney Stocks Set to Rise this week
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2019-12-27 10:21:20
Battlefront 2 Community update
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2019-12-27 10:19:47
The Star Wars Saga to be released in 4K
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2019-12-27 10:18:45
Chapter 8 of the Mandalorian now on Disney+
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2019-12-27 10:16:08
Rise of Skywalker - $35M Christmas
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2019-12-26 07:47:19
Star Wars: The Old Republic Celebrates 8 years
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2019-12-25 13:58:47
Baby Yoda 11" Plush Available for 03/2020
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2019-12-25 13:56:39
Hero UNCC Student honored as Jedi

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2019-12-25 13:53:12
New Star Wars features
2019-12-25 13:45:53
"Rise of Skywalker" expected to reach $500M today
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2019-12-25 13:36:45
Live Location Chat currently disabled

2019-12-24 19:09:58
Quest 1 to begin shortly
Check your surroundings menu.. You might see someone there that looks suspicious. Perhaps begin a conversation and later on you may find yourself on an adventure.

The adventure you find yourself on may provide you with more details as to what is going on in game and provide you with random items and force tests along the way. So don't skip the change at this starter quest later in the week! ]]>

2019-12-24 18:29:13
Factions have been reset
Please check your War GNN news. ]]>

2019-12-24 13:54:32
Phase 1: Site Design
2019-12-23 12:23:22
Small news I am working on several different items at the moment. Unfortunately the new site design took a slight back seat. So I am thinking the re-design will come this weekend or the next.
There are two features that I have been hard at work with at the moment. One is the travel system. There is a barebones system in place and there is a timing system in place. However, what is needed is also is regular ground to ground travel, entity travel and some further development on the space/atmospheric travel.
The other feature I have been working on is the NPC dialogue and quest system. At the moment, the scripting engine for NPC's is a bit clunky and most likely difficult for non-programmers to use. This will limit severely how many will actually make use of this system and will slow down quest production for the administration. Therefore it will be replaced with a nicer visual design interface and will still allow all the same features and more.

I also have two surprises by next week too... 😉 ]]>

2019-11-26 13:28:03
New design this weekend and Dialogue fixed
Also, stay tuned, a new design is coming this week. So don't freak out if things look different. ]]>

2019-11-20 17:32:53
Updated Game time: Yuushan Vong invasion in the Co
My next goal is to alter the CSS content of the website and redesign it into something spectacular.

The most notable change that took place at this moment is the game time that this game takes place in. Over the years I have changed this repeatedly. I only did so since 99% of registered users have been inactive for long periods of time. As such, the game time has undergone a lot of changes. I am making one such change as well. I am leaving the game as part of an un-official spin off to the Star Wars Combine( However, rather than take place during the Old Republic time, I have decided to have this take place in the year 316 Combine time. The story however does not focus on the first order or during a long history of Empire Vs Republic issues. Rather, this will take place in a timeline nearly 300 years in the future and in it's 12 year of the Yuushan Vong invasion.

The reason for this change is for legal, convenience and interest reasons. I say legal because at the moment the Yuushan Vong invasion is considered a legends story plot. On top of that, the invasion occurs 30 or so years after Return of the Jedi, not 300 years. So the game takes place in a time that has not been relatively touched in official Star Wars Canon or Legends canon. Further more, with an Old Republic game, movie and such coming out, having this game not take place during the same time period will not draw unnecessary attention. I say for interest reasons because the truth is that with The Old Republic MMORPG out and the Star Wars Combine taking place during the Old Trilogy time and beyond... not a lot of interest would be generated in this game. However, creating a game set during the Yuushan Vong invasion might generate some interest, especially if it supposedly takes place in the timeline of another popular online game. I set it during the time it is set in for convenience because this allows me to use a plot device that gives the game that is set in an established universe a clean slate. EG: It takes place in the Star Wars combine timeline and universe, yet the universe is blank enough because of the Vong that we can recreate it anew. It is also conveniently set 300 years into the future rather than 30 years since the combine is in it's 20th year of gameplay. I did not want the game to eventually overlap and cause continuity issues. I wish the Combine the best, of course, but I do not think either game will last 300 years, nor would anyone playing now survive that long. LOL.

So, without further ado, I have gone ahead and changed the timeline of the game. This week I will wipe out the factions. The game has a lot of development to go through. But that doesn't mean that in the meantime it can't be fun. Create a roleplay thread in the forums and let's have some fun! ]]>

2019-10-29 13:32:13
The latest and last Rise of Skywalker trailer has
Watch the Trailer here:

Watch a breakdown of the trailer at these links for spoilery goodness:

2019-10-22 13:59:18
SimCMS is going commercial - Future of our game

In general I refactored about 100,000 lines of code out of the nearly 900,000 that exist. As you all know, 99.9% of the code on this site is original and coded by myself. The code is aging itself and reaching probably around the 7 year mark. A lot of the code is inefficient. Other parts of it have security flaws. Some of it is just broken. The rest is outdated. The refactoring process should eliminate a lot of code from the game itself. While some might think: "Eliminate code? Does that mean you are removing features??" The answer is "no", at least for now. Refactoring the code and eliminating other code means that I have rewritten parts of the game to be incredibly more efficient. In all, as we speak now, with a better system having been written, I am anticipating that the current code written now will be reduced to 300K or 400K lines of code instead of the 900K that exists now.

Now I did say that my focus was to improve the code and not add or improve new features. That doesn't mean some features wont be improved upon or added to during my refactoring. A positive consequence of refactoring code is that some features will need to be rewritten to function better. On the other hand.. While I plan on not removing any current features, it may be inevitable. But that doesn't mean it wont come back.

One of the major revisions being done at the moment is a refactoring of our global functions into a class system. There should have been a class system from the start. This would have produced faster coding, more efficient results and a better and more organized system should I have ever wanted to include more developers in on this system or game in the future.

Having said that, I have a further announcement. SimCMS will also be released commercially upon basic completion. They system already functions like other CMS systems such as Drupal or Joomla. However, there will be more functionality right out of the box than those systems include. In many cases, some of the add-ons used to create the functionality of SimCMS will amount to a significant cost. The planned features include a powerful forum system, updated news and comments section, social networking features and a fully functional MMORPG browser sim and more. I am aware that most folks can't afford much. So I am aiming for a low price range for the commercial release. The planned release cost will be $4.99. However, as time goes on and more progress is made on development, I plan on raising the cost of the CMS to as high as $9.99. However, those that purchase the CMS at a lower cost will receive free upgrades for the life of the product. I know that some feel that using Joomla and Drupal will be more cost efficient as those are free. However, many of the planned features are typically purchased as an add-on at a higher cost. In addition, this is a product that took years for me to develop on my own and it took a lot of courage for me to release it, especially as it is a modifiable piece of open code. Further to that, I would need motivation to continue to develop the code itself and finally, it will also help support this game and others.

At the moment I do not have a time line of when I will release SimCMS. It will be released once it reaches version 1.0 Officially. I am hoping that this product will be released before the end of the 2019 year or first quarter 2020.

Please stay tuned and thank you for your continued support! ]]>

2019-07-18 17:19:28
Faction Leaders and updates
2019-02-07 09:39:46
Travel Delays
2018-09-19 15:41:46
An update before release of travel: SimCMS
[b]Overall Engine Version: [/b]SimCMS 0.689

[b]Communication Module:[/b] 0.72
[b]Character Module:[/b] 0.60
[b]Forums Module:[/b] 0.90
[b]Travel Module:[/b] 0.77
[b]Privilege Module:[/b] 0.45
[b]News Module:[/b] 0.95
[b]Battle Module:[/b] 0.10
[b]CMS Module:[/b] 0.761
[b]Backend Module:[/b] 0.871 ]]>

2018-09-12 07:43:25
Ships, travel, planets and citie...
Ships and Ship inventory. - Every one will receive a random ship and quantity. Factions will receive fleets.

Travel - will now require ships. For new users coming in after the free ships, you will need to use the spaceport.

Planet inventory and City inventory is coming as well as city building.

So stay tuned. ]]>

2018-09-01 12:59:35
Game Timers for the force and battles fixed
Timers for force training have been reset and your training should end every hour.

Let me know if you are not seeing this is being case. ]]>

2018-09-01 11:15:06
More refactoring
2018-08-29 23:02:32
Testing out new site CSS Styles
2018-08-27 20:32:08
Updates in the past week
-changed galactic time to reflect old republic era
-changed site content to reflect new game era and spinoff of combine unofficially.
-stage 1 of new travel implemented
-thousands of planets added
-force users can detect light or dark side
-refactoring code

More to come soon! ]]>

2018-08-27 11:23:40
I sense much anger in you
2018-08-21 16:11:07
Travel Updated to Stage 1
Travel has been updated to Stage 1. You will notice the change now when you log in now and click on "Beings around you" link the "Surroundings" tab.

Let me start with the steps taken.

Step 1:
Within the galaxy, currently it has been populated with all sectors, systems and planets found on Star Wars Combine. Unfortunately, due to formatting errors, some sectors, systems and planets are missing and will be added separately in time. You may notice that when you select a sector, it wont have any systems and the same with some systems with planets.

Step 2:
We are in the process of importing all the planet terrains. As there are over 5600 planets... Terrain importing is harder than previously thought. We currently have some 2000 imported. As such, we moved all characters to the planet Utapau. It is a neutral planet and has terrain implemented.

Step 3:
Travel system with bare minimum functionality has been implemented. You can travel to all planets, but not all will show Terrain. As planets are imported, you will be able to see that terrain.

Step 4: New users can only select Utapau as a starting location.

So enjoy the interface and the over 5600 planets you can travel to. The next step is implementing ships.. Then timed travel with XP Rewarding, then City construction and then fixing up the missing systems and planets. ]]>

2018-08-20 22:33:43
Travel Screenshot
[img][/img] ]]>

2018-08-20 12:46:50
Server Migration Step 1
Please also note that we also have imported from approximately 1700 planets. We should be done within a day or two more... Hopefully. ]]>

2018-08-19 22:19:53
Let's Talk
The current system is very similar to a programming or scripting language, most notably C or Javascript. This could be confusing for an average user with no programming experience.

I had developed an easy system using JSON. But that was proving to be a convoluted system. In order to use conditions and variables and such with the system, it would require a lot of branching that code cause code errors and confusion.

So I am now in the process of completing an XML Dialogue system. It involves less branching, easier understanding and allows more complicated functions through the use of attributes. I am finishing up some of the final touches and then I have to write some documentation for it.

I will keep you all posted. ]]>

2018-08-15 19:54:43
Big Bang 2!
2018-08-15 11:03:32
Big Bang!
At this moment, about 100 planets so far have been implemented into the game Universe. Over the course of the next 2 days, you will see some game slow downs as this game pulls from the swcombine servers. Once completed, there will be over 5500 planets with terrain grids in this game. A planet viewer and such will be made available for you when that occurs. Enjoy and thanks for your patience. ]]>

2018-08-14 22:52:22
New host and some changes coming in 2 weeks
Over the next two or maybe three weeks you will see some other significant updates.

The first update will be in the form of a new host provider. After the current host pulled it's latest stunt, I no longer trust them. The other issue is that there are limited amount of MySQL connections which can hang up the game or suspend the service. The new host solves that issue. As a result, that means the current chat system can allow for some improvements as that primarily used the local host and not the database server for chats. We will no longer have it function in that manner as it is not reliable or feature full.

Another update will of course include further patches behind the scenes. The game uses some 800,000 lines of code that I developed on my own over the years. If you really think about it, that is too much code. It was over 1.2 million lines and I was able to reduce it making better use of classes, objects and such. Making use of Javascript also allowed a more AJAX interactive type website which reduced page loading, lines of code and such. These patches may never stop coming. But it is one that is also coming within the next few weeks. My estimated reduction of code will result in about 15,000 lines of code less. Compared to how much there is already, it seems insignificant. But it is not true. This reduces the load on the server, speeds up the game and site as well as makes coding more features in the future easier for me. It even makes it easier to find and trap errors and bugs.

A third feature includes better notifications for our users. The system is partially implemented. But due to the way the code was constructed years ago, implementing notifications was a pain and it was time consuming. This should be partially resolved with the new coding classes implemented. Therefore, implementing notifications should be an easier feat. You will therefore notice more notifications coming soon.

You may recall that the game setting has been changed from what it was originally established to be. This will now be a prequel game to the Star Wars Combine. It will take place in the Old Republic Era time frame of that game. This may not be an official prequel to the game. However, the story will be an official prequel story to a non-faction group within the Star Wars Combine. In time, it may be officially recognized within that community as well. As such, it is not necessary to play Star Wars Combine to play this game. Also as a result, you will notice content that will change to reflect that new history. You see it with the new factions that we have implemented already.

Discussing the subject of content... Even the sites content will be slightly updated to be more attractive to our users. That also includes a slight site redesign.

Monetary exchanges will also be possible between players, factions and faction to players and vice versa as well.

The next feature, which will be implemented a bit more later on, is detecting the force in a user and determining if they are a dark side user or not.

The last change will come in the form of travel and ship inventory. This is a temporary travel system as we make way for a more permanent one. This will come in a few phases internally...

1) Ship implementation. For now, ship implementation will not have room to room travel and will consist of bare minimum of functionality. The most important ones being sub-light travel and hyper-speed traveling. You can board and unboard a ship. Boarding and unboarding can be performed from ship to ship or station to station or planet to planet. A fleet of ships will be given to all factions. Each faction may disperse piloting capabilities to each of their members as they choose.

2) Planetary positioning. Every player will be moved to the galactic coordinates of the current planet they are on now. You will still be able to interact with other players as they are able to now.

3) Travelling. You will have the ability to travel whether you have a ship that you own/pilot or not. There will be a starport feature built into this early travel system. From there, you may choose a system and planet to travel to. The base travel time will be 10 hours, plus one minute for each coordinate distance. Each coordinate distance will earn you an XP in Starport travel. If you own your own ship or pilot one... You will instead have a base time of 5 hours. Distance will be calculated by a minute for each coordinate moved and then reduced depending on ship speed.For each distance coordinate travelled, you will receive 2 XP.

This system will be improved upon as time goes by. This is just an initial set up so we can have an additional way to keep busy and earn XP. It also gives us something to roleplay about.

So stay tuned and we hope to see you all soon! ]]>

2018-08-09 21:31:16
Apologies for game downtime
With that, I will be finding a new host shortly. You may experience trouble for that. Thank you for your patience. ]]>

2018-08-05 18:27:09
New update
Still looking for faction leaders if anyone is interested. ]]>

2018-07-02 11:19:41
Latest updates and my absence
But I still have the spark! The last few months have been hard. My dad was very sick and 3 weeks ago he passed away. Things have calmed down a bit. I am not ready to dedicate more time to this. Like I said, I added 5600+ Planets to the game. Terrain is coming next.

As far as development of the game engine.. The CMS Engine is at version 0.75. I have been working on refactoring the code behind the engine to be quicker, error free, more secure and easier to read. Once that is complete, I can actually bring on extra developers to help develop aspects of the game if they are interested.

The plan for now is this:
-Get actual traveling working in some form with terrains and space.
-Get more faction tools.
-Transfer credits from and to factions and players.
-Improved initial battle system.
-Some skills
-Some force skills.

So we are not dead. We are always updating and doing something, even if slowly. ]]>

2018-04-20 10:46:54
Travel Engine 0.60 - 5600+ Planets
2018-04-20 08:49:38
New Versioning system being planned
[b]Communication Engine - 0.71[/b]:
This handles all the chat, Notifications, Private Messaging, Instant Messaging, credits and OOGP transfer and such.

[b]Character Engine - 0.59[/b]:
This engine takes care of all the character details such as HP, XP and other stats as well as Bio info and skills as well as other abilities.

[b]Forums Module - 0.891[/b]:
The second most complete of all the features. All things forum related, mod/admin and otherwise.

[b]Travel Engine - 0.54[/b]:
This engine handles the galaxy and all their locations and stats as well as land, sea, air, space travel and sub-level travel. It also handles travel delays and rewards associated with it.

[b]Privilege Engine - 0.43[/b]:
The engine that handles assigning privileges from factions, admin and more.

[b]News Engine - 0.95[/b]:
The most complete feature of our site so far. It handles all Blog, sim news, GNN and such entries.

[b]Battle Engine - 0.04[/b]:
The engine that will handle space, land, sea, air, weapons and hand to hand combat and simulation.

[b]CMS Engine - 0.7351[/b]:
All site content, styling and such that does not fall into the other categories.

[b]Backend Engine - 0.870[/b]:
Most other engines will handle creating backends for their features. However, there are some tools that are separate from that and will need to be added into this engine module.

2017-11-26 19:50:18
Universe Update
You also will not be able to enter facilities. But you can travel on terrains and from planet to planet or city to city.

Version 1.0 will be released once time delayed travel is working, you can receive XP and you can travel in land, air and sea vehicles as well as move about rooms within facilities and said vehicles. ]]>

2017-11-26 18:51:05
Faction Name Changes - Done(Leaders needed)
We have changed over the factions that required changing so that it can be more in line with the Old Republic Time Frame.

*Black Sun has now been renamed into "Eternal Crime Syndicate"

*The Rebel Alliance is now "The Galactic Republic"

*The Galactic Empire is now "Eternal Empire"

We still need leaders for all factions with the exception of Hapes and Eternal Crime Syndicate.

Let me know if anyone is interested in leading those factions. Thank you!

2017-11-15 13:33:38
A reset in time frame and some updates
With that comes other changes... Our Galactic Date will change to be 1500 years prior to the current combine time. We will also be changing and dropping factions that do not exist during the Old Republic days. That also includes items and ships and weapons as well as the game story.

Those changes will occur over the next few days.

As for updates that I am currently working on with the admin side of things... 1) I am updating our image database tool for easily applying images to a piece of content. 2) Updating the universe and planet tools to have a more consistent look with the Star Wars Combine grid map. This will exclude terrain. 3) Ship implementation. Once the universe is a bit more established, ships will be available to use.

How do we plan on linking the two games together? For one, we plan on asking for cooperation from players in both games to work on creating back stories that link to the game. Second, we will have a faction that will exist in this game that will eventually be created in the combine that is story-wise supposed to have lasted thousands of years in existence in hiding. So essentially this game will be a back story game to a faction in the combine. But game play is open to anyone. You do not have to have an account in the Combine to play in this game.

The updates will continue to keep on coming. ]]>

2017-11-15 11:09:42
Required: Leader for the Galactic Empire
2017-11-15 09:03:37
Some updates
2017-11-13 10:20:06
XP will be received for you Force Training
2017-11-09 23:01:35
I'm hitting a snag
2017-11-09 07:21:31
Update coming today: Force Training XP
2017-11-08 10:06:49
Dialogue Engine
<> <>Start<>
<>Hello there Stranger.<>
<> You are an imperial scummbag, but I will help you out.<>
<>Screw you!<>

With this new system you will be able to add multiple conditions with multiple results, display actions, change character mood photo's, use wildcards, etc... As you notice there too, there are command options to reward a player on a quest, change variables and things like that.

This part is nearly done for public testing and use. Once completed, I Will have it published to the game. ]]>

2017-11-05 11:41:13
Update: Still considering fate of this game
I will try and make one more promotion push with this game after the upgrades I will be making.

Private Message me if you are interested in owning one of the current factions. ]]>

2017-11-05 10:45:27
Game being made into SW Combine expansion
2017-11-04 19:17:46
Roadmap 2018 January/February: Player/NPC Dialogue
The issue with that is that it can be decompiled and easily read so that a user may cheat on future quests or see private dialogue not meant for them. The style of the system is also intimidating and difficult to program for a typical user.

In January/February of 2018, I intend to work on a new dialogue scripting engine. The one I plan to create will allow a user to develop dialogues via XML (With a planned visual editor to be released later on). The engine will run on a mixture of PHP and Javascript, only allowing the HTML source code to display essential code without revealing anything that may allow a user to cheat on a quest or see information they shouldn't see.

I will keep you posted on the development. ]]>

2017-09-06 09:21:42
Projected Roadmap
The 2017-2018 roadmap:

August to September 2017:
1)During the next month or so I want to complete a barebones battle simulator that will simulate a little more than the outcome of the winner and loser. I want it to give a blow by blow depiction of what is going on in the battle along with how your XP is gained through the match as well as how your HP is lost. HP will be regained every hour at 25% of your max HP. You will no longer have the limit of attacking 4 times a day or being attacked at most 3 times a day. From this point on it all depends on your HP available and the recovery rate. With the rate of recovery and the possibility of simming a battle, you should have the same if not more ability to do battle within a typical day. With the way the battle simulation will work, you should still have a good amount of XP that you may earn with a potential to earn much more than you have been earning.
2) I plan on implementing the ability to equip weapons. Every player who has signed and continues to sign up until October will receive two knives and two DL-44 Blasters into their inventory. The simulation will take into account the weapons you are equipped with.
3) I plan on adding XP to those who successfully train in a force point.
4) Finally, with the force, lightside force users will have the ability to detect the dark side in a user. If a dark side user has over 750 trained points combine(Light and Dark) and you have 25% more dark side points than Light side points, a force user can detect the dark side in you in addition to detecting the force in general. This works for both sides really. If you are a dark side user and are looking to recruit others to the dark, if you do not sense the dark side in them, then you know they are not dark enough. And vice versa if you are a lightside user you will know if there is darkness with an individual. In the future there will be additional skills and force powers to use to further work with this and alter this ability.

October 2017:
1)Skills. A general outline of how skills will work, how you can train in them and such is already being finalized. By October I will have enough to display and train the skills your character has. This will be for Force Skills and non-force skills.
2)With Force skills implemented, you will now have the ability to untrain yourself in unused light or dark points. With each point you gain in a dark or light side skill, you may use those to add force skill points. Every 10 dark side points will allow you to add a point to a dark side skill. Every 10 Light side points to a light side skill. Every 10 points of combined dark or light can go towards a base force skill. You can not untrain a base force skill and in order to untrain a force side point, you will need to compensate with the other side of the force... That all sounded very confusing, but will be clarified later on. Untraining will take longer than actual training. Once you remove a skill or force point, you can not get those points back without retraining yourself.
3)Generic Ground travel will be implemented. No city entering or anything like that at the moment and everyone will be transferred to Tatooine at first.

November 2017:
Better ground and space travel via space ports will be introduced, along with the ability to create cities.

December 2017:
1) Space ship and vehicle inventory will be added.
2) Better battle simulation taking into consideration your skills and weapons abilities.

Stay tuned for more to come ]]>

2017-08-22 15:47:56
Project of the week: Better Battle simulations
We already have a form of battle simulation where you can perform 4 attacks per day and a user can not be attacked more than 3 times in a day. The simulation basically just outputs the winner of the match and then even provides some XP to both users. However, going forward I will be updating attacks to "Phase 2" which will have different stages of simulation.

"Phase 2" is more detailed simulation that will award XP throughout the match and will reduce HP as well for those involved. Here are the stages involved in this phase:

Stage 1:
Detailed simulation of how the battle ensued. Will include references to species and gender within the battle.

Stage 2:
Equipping weapons. The detailed simulation will already have the ability to detect equipped weapons and weapons are added to the game. We just need to equip them now.

Stage 3:
Battle system phase 2 refinements.

Hope to get this done by this week. In a few weeks, skills will be implemented and some more updates to factions and chatting. ]]>

2017-08-20 11:10:20
Introduction of live content Beta
Since I introduced Live Chats and live viewing of users that are online, I thought: "This is nice and useful, I should add more of this". I am taking a break for today, but I have changed two locations to show live updates on our games website. The first place is at the top after you log in. You will notice that it currently displays the number of users currently logged in within the last minute or so. That counter will update live now even if you do not refresh the page to do so.

The second place you will notice an update is on the notifications menu. Everytime something occurs, your notification button will light up, again, without you needing to refresh or reload the page. It will happen dynamically.

I plan on adding this feature as much as possible throughout the website, hoping that this will not disrupt anything for my hosting provider. The next places I plan to implement this is in the GNN, Game news, Faction screen, dashboard, force training and messages. I am also hoping to add some sound effects for things like notifications, news and messages.

Keep looking out for these changes! ]]>

2017-07-09 14:32:03
Chatting is up!
I added chatting to the game. It uses our own code and server for the chat, so it is custom to the game. To chat, go to "Beings Around you". Anyone who is on that same screen, at the same location as you and is online will be able to see and reply to your chats in real time.

Once you leave the screen or change the location, you will lose the chat history.

The chat system is very basic at the moment. But it does what it needs to do for the time being. Just note, while you are able to see who is online at your location, you will not be able to know who is on the chat screen. So you may be typing messages blankly with noone really seeing them. I will be fixing that in a future update soon.

I am currently working on a few features for the chat system that will not be available for some time. For one thing, while you can see who is online from the beings below the chat, it is irritating to have to scroll down each time to see who is online. Instead, I will be adding a Beings online list to the side of the chat so you can all see who is active on that screen at your location in real time, like a real chat.

Other features I will be adding soon will be features similar to MIRC. For example, an /ME command would be useful. But I will also add other RP commands and things like slapping people with a large trout, etc...

So stay Tuned! ]]>

2017-07-09 09:58:24
New "ONLINE" feature is up /Live Chats coming soon
With that feature now working, the users online function will show you users that have been online in the past minute.

As such, when you go to the "Beings Around You" page, if a user has been online within the last minute, it will show him as "ONLINE".

This feature was developed for our in-game location chat system. This system basically allows you to chat with users at your current location, live. You can look at the users below to see who is online so you can see who is getting those messages. Stay tuned, feature is almost all set. ]]>

2017-07-08 22:31:20
Still not dead, One new feature: Login with Handle
We are still not dead and we are going strong. Decided to work on the game a little bit today as there was some interest displayed in it by a few users. The more interest is shown in this, the more I will take the time to work on it. But as it stands, we get 5 players interested for a few weeks and then they disappear for a while. So I am putting this game together Piece by Piece. Once I feel it is pieced together enough, I will go ahead and send a mass newsletter for everyone to see the updates and see if we can get some more users playing.

Back to the new feature... We have added a new feature. A small one. But useful.. You now no longer have to log in with your e-mail. You also have the option of logging in with your handle. So, whatever is easier for you, please knock yourself out!

Keep watching for more news! ]]>

2017-07-08 13:55:30
Working on a few things today
You will also notice in your profile that you have an option to enable or disable newsletter emails and news posting emails. These are both news related items from the administration. Newsletters will be released no more than once a week to once a month. The likely scenario is it will be released once every 3 weeks. News emails will send you all new news that we post, which can happen several times a day, or you may go weeks with nothing.

Next on my list of things to do is getting a faction and game timeline established. Only faction leaders can post to these timelines. Faction timelines require no cost, but submitting to the game timeline will cost 1000 GP's.

Users will also have their own personal timelines to post to as well to keep track of their own achievements. However, this will be called a player log. A player log will allow you to make certain entries public or hidden. That decision can be altered for each entry at any time. However, an entry, once made, will remain permanently. Only it's visibility can be changed. Consider it a sort of social networking tool -slash- wikipedia of sorts for your character.

I also plan on adding a user dash page where you can see the latest faction events, news events, GNN posts, forum posts, etc... Sort of a way to keep you up to date on the world around you and get you more involved much more easily.

The travel system is still being developed, but these items above are my priority, along with credit transfers from faction to user and vice versa.


2017-04-16 15:37:00
Some bug fixes applied
I just wanted to let you know I fixed a couple of bugs related to the game. First thing that I fixed was the GNN News Posts. So now they should be appearing correctly.

Second, whenever a player joins a faction, a notification wont be sent to all faction leaders saying that someone tried to join your faction. So that should stop some confusion. ]]>

2017-04-16 15:25:08
Updates for the weekend
I know it's been a couple of weeks, but I should have some interesting new features for this weekend implemented:

*Transfer of leadership
*Appointing 2nd and 3rd in command.
*Giving titles and honorary titles to non faction members.
*Possibly: faction timelines and history. ]]>

2017-04-11 10:22:36
I am also working n a travel system which is coming a little slowly as there is a lot to consider with this system.

Finally, by sunday you should have the ability to transfer leadership, appoint a 2nd and 3rd in charge and also providing titles to your members as well as providing honorary titles to non members.


2017-03-17 09:24:27
Still no internet
2017-03-06 10:19:28
Small update to factions and a this weeks roadmap
Second: For those who are leaders or have been granted currency privileges, you will now be able to see your factions credits and OOGP.

Lastly, for any member of a faction... If you wish to leave, I have added a new spot to do so: Right underneath the faction name in your dashboard. So you have an option to do so there and in your user profile.

I wanted to talk about a roadmap for this week through the end of the week and what I expect will occur with factions:

*Will add events for faction members when they are accepted into, denied or banned from a faction along with the ability to add a message with it.
*Adding Currency transfer of Faction to faction, faction to player, player to faction.
*Adding OOGP Donation of Player to faction.
*Adding inventory for Items, ships, vehicles, Weapons, Armour, Cities, Planets without any actual ability to do anything to those items however.
*Ability to transfer power of leadership to someone else or resign and have your 2nd and 3rd in charge be promoted by one step.
*Ability to appoint a 2nd and 3rd in charge of your faction and to remove them.
*Faction content consisting of an About section, Services Section, Leadership Section and history section.
*Ability for faction leaders, 2ic, 3ic and privileged users to edit faction content.
*POSSIBLY: Faction timelines ]]>

2017-03-01 13:59:20
Explanation of Privilege system
Let me know if you have questions. ]]>

2017-03-01 08:25:39
Factions: You can now edit member privileges
There will be tweaking in the near future to this system and some privilege settings are useless. But the code is there to update it.

Please expect bugs due to my lack of internet and being the sole programmer on the game. Let me know below for any errors or PM me.

Thank you! ]]>

2017-02-28 22:36:52
Internet Status, moving MySQL Servers
Until then, I have been using my mobile phone as a tether to the internet which has been horrible. As such, development on this game is very hard and slow. Thankfully I have a home based MySQL and PHP server to test my code on, but still not the same. Hopefully this will be resolved quickly!

I am also switching MySQL hosts to a host that can provide more connections at a time and also hold 20GB of mySQL data. This should happen some time next week. ]]>

2017-02-28 22:34:01
What city are you in??
I realized I was going to make the city system a little complex. But I decided to instead simplify it. At first I was going to make the city size a choice that the player can make. The more you pay, the bigger the city. What I realized was going to occur instead was that I was going to screw up terrains this way and increase the size of the database far more than I preferred. So far this reason, city sizes will by default be 30 x 30 tile grids. However, I may allow the combination of grids to be combined into a bigger city.

Regardless... Actual cities are in the game and when travel is out and running, you can visit such cities as shown here:

Enjoy for now and stay tuned. ]]>

2017-02-23 23:37:34
Travel System Progress
We are making progress on the travel system. Take a look at a test page for a planetary grid map of Tatooine. Yes, this is a live grid map. The display page is just a test of how the map will look. Graphics and also terrain details may and most likely will change in the near future. But again, this is a live grid map of Tatooine: ]]>

2017-02-18 15:52:30
Initial Regions, Sectors, Systems and Planets
Furthermore, we have also added all the planets with their terrains. However, some adjustments need to be made to the terrain mapping. I have been able to add the planets I initially planned, but also a few more options for you to travel to should you choose:


What I have remaining to do with the system now is code the engine that allows cities and entities to be placed on the planets themselves as well as their internals. As of now, the internal room maps work mostly for space stations. This will be an easy addition however.

The tricky part, one I have the above implemented, is to create the travel system. As I said, in the beginning we will not have delayed travel times. Rather it will be instant. That is just for the time being. Stay tuned. ]]>

2017-02-09 22:34:59
TEASER: Initial Game travel system

Now while this looks crude, it is not the design I am focussing on at the moment rather the functionality. At the moment, it displays mostly correctly. However, it is lacking in showing the correct exit points. The exits will still work, however, the system mapping is slightly off. But we are getting there... This is the first run test of the travel system by producing an image map production by the game engine of an actual room map inside an actual entity. So, my projections for this is that travel may become available much sooner than anticipated(with bugs of course - after all I am the only developer and I have no beta testers).

Please keep watching for even more updates. ]]>

2017-02-09 21:34:19
And now you can kick from your faction
This will be refined further and you will eventually also be able to edit user privileges. But this is just another item off the roadmap to check off.

Happy punting! ]]>

2017-02-09 08:26:50
You may now leave your faction if you wish
To go along with our game goals and roadmap, members who belong to a faction may now leave if they wish to do so.

To leave, simply go to edit your profile. If you belong to a faction, you will have a link at the top of the profile, below available skill points, that will allow you to leave.

Happy faction hopping! ]]>

2017-02-08 22:28:37
2017 Quarter 1 Roadmap
So what are my quarter 1 goals/roadmap for 2017? Here they are in no particular order:

1) Continuously fix bugs.
2) Add faction banning, faction leaving and setting faction privileges.
3) Fixing up the "join faction" page to look a little nicer and offer more details regarding factions.
4) Faction inventory. This includes the ability to view all developed inventory, assign and also switch hands. The ability to transfer credits will also be available.
5) Finding faction leaders for The Galactic Empire, Rebel Alliance and Hapes Government.
6) Preliminary skill development. This does not necessarily mean that the skills will be working skills, but rather a way to start developing those skills for when they are developed.
7) Additional forum features.
8) Better security on our website.
9) Editable faction content.
10) Cosmetic improvements.
11) Faction forum administration and moderation.

The next goal on the roadmap will be a bit ambitious and may result in either being fully developed and available to possibly being only partially developed and available. It involves the universe and travel system. This involves setting up planets and systems, facilities, stations, etc.. So it is a complicated development feature. I had started improving my previous code and the tools I developed for this back in the middle of January. I m still improving it as it is a giant and enormous task. So here is realistically what I am expecting to accomplish from this:

*Regions, Sectors, Systems, planets, ground and their maps.

Immediate planets available when the system is introduced will be the following:
-Yavin IV
-Nal Hutta
-Dromund Kaas

*Entities with internal systems: Facilities, stations, ships, vehicles and their blueprints.

Facilities will be simple:
-Jedi Temple
-Sith Temple
-Space port

-Generic Speeder

-Neb Frigate

Space station:
-Trading Station.

Obviously more will be added, but those will do for now.

*Instant travel system.
Less Likely to be developed: Travel system with real time delays. Now just keep in mind, the fastest space travel time between systems and sectors will be an hour. The longest will be 24 hours. I am not going with the whole 60 days of travel system.

This is all for now. We will follow up with more information soon. ]]>

2017-02-08 19:36:40
Need for faction leaders
This is easy enough to do... We need faction leaders for the following factions:

The Galactic Empire
The Rebel Alliance
The Hopes Government

If you are interested, please send me a private message or post in the comments below. ]]>

2017-02-08 17:36:43
Private Faction Forums and temporary away alert
I wanted to start off with saying there may be some delays with some more updates for you. My father as fallen very ill and I will need to take care of things with that in the hopes that we can help him recover as quickly as possible. With that said, I wont be completely away during this next week or so. I will still be developing.

This brings me to my next announcement: Private Faction Forums. If you belong to a faction, when you go to the forums, you will see a board for the faction you belong to. Currently, under that board there is only one category and four forums set up for the time being. In the near future, faction leaders will be able to moderate and edit those forums to add more categories, forums and sub-forums. But for now, enjoy posting what you need to.

Please report any bugs in the comments below. See you soon! ]]>

2017-02-07 23:00:54
If you are interested in joining a faction....
Now that the forums are fixed and we have factions and some basic functionality, we encourage you to start recruiting. At this time we have The Sith Empire, The Jedi Order, Black Sun and Mandalore should be set up soon.

We still need faction leaders for The Empire(Who I have someone who would do this now, but is thinking about if he will commit), The Rebel Alliance(Currently I am stepping in and leading on this until someone else steps up), and the Hapes Government. At this time, of these last three factions, you can only Join the Rebel Alliance and the factions mentioned above.

Please pick one of those factions if you plan on being in a faction with the game.

Faction leaders, we encourage you to recruit by posting GNN RP news or in the Roleplaying forums.

There will be some additions coming to Factions over the next couple of days along with ship inventory. I plan within this month to have a little more advanced travelling system going on as well. So stay tuned!

Happy recruiting! ]]>

2017-02-05 07:37:29
Forums are up again
2017-02-05 07:29:01
2017-02-04 23:49:31
Faction and GNN news and Posting
A new feature has been added for faction members and leaders: The ability to post news and read faction news!

Yes, if you belong to a faction, you and anyone in the same faction can read any news that your faction posts privately for just your group. And if you are a faction leader... On your faction admin panel, you will now have the ability to post news to the Galactic News Network or to the Faction specifically. Please do not abuse the GNN postings.

Of course there will be major improvements to the news posting system. But, as of now, with so few active members, the functionality it has will be sufficient.

Post any bugs or thoughts in the comments below. Happy posting! ]]>

2017-02-04 17:29:01
Minor bug fixed already
2017-02-04 14:09:21
Faction joining is finally here!
A long awaited feature is finally functioning and ready to accept members.

If you wish to join a faction, please go ahead and click the "Join Faction" link under "Faction:" in the user dashboard. If you are already part of the faction or have been accepted, your faction name will appear in stead of the link.

Faction Leaders:
Below your user dashboard(And below your force dashboard if you are force sensitive), you will see a faction administration panel. Click on your faction members link and you will see a list of faction members. If a member is not in your faction, you will see a link to accept him into your faction.

Coming up next will be faction news, faction forums, and faction content. Then more will come after that.

If you are looking to join a faction or recruit for your faction, go to the roleplaying forum to post for that. I added a sub-forum to do just so!

Enjoy this long awaited feature! ]]>

2017-02-04 11:32:14
Update on faction accepting
If all doesn't go to plan, you will have the feature by tomorrow. Use the forums to recruit members in the meantime! ]]>

2017-02-03 10:25:57
Something exciting on the horizon
Now, at the moment, you can send a request to the faction and the ones with leaders will, as of Friday, be able to accept you into their factions.

The only four factions that will have leaders that can accept players will be: Black Sun, The Sith Empire, The Jedi Order and Mandalore.

The Rebel alliance and Empire as well as Hapes are still looking for leaders. Once a leader has been selected, they too will be able to accept members.

Within the next week I intend to implement factions with the ability to assign privileges, appoint a second and third in command, add departments and heads as well as have faction pages and forums.

For now, factions need to be entered from an administrator in the database. But as time progresses and other features are implemented that are needed, an automated way of creating factions will be implemented. Either way, good times are ahead of us! ]]>

2017-02-01 19:54:40
Force Training: FINALLY FIXED
2017-02-01 11:40:56
Force training broken
2017-01-31 06:08:42
Force Training fix 2
2017-01-30 21:39:05
Coming up next: fixing faction joining and adding
I am looking to add the following:

1) fix faction joining
2) fix accepting or declining members
3) Allow private hidden factions and joining.
4) Add faction forums
5) Add faction information pages for faction members to alter.

Stay tuned! ]]>

2017-01-29 08:52:55
Bug fixed: force training timers and points
2017-01-29 08:49:16
Force Training
As part of my on-going development of this game, I synced a feature to the game for force training. Your success rate does not currently depend on anything. You have a 50/50 chance of being successful and will receive between 1 and 5 random dark or light side points on a successful training.

The train link will be found right below the dark side and light side points.

Training will last an hour (give or take a minute or 2 - depends on server load time). Please report any bugs if you are force sensitive and are having trouble with this feature. Thank you! ]]>

2017-01-25 23:27:27
Possible Revival
A couple of folks have discouraged the idea of giving up on SWBFS. However, I do not have much support on the game or active participants.

Spread the word.. I am programming and adding content to the site. But I would like to see some support on this as well. Let me know if you are still here and listening! ]]>

2017-01-25 12:20:31
A reformat and possible new domain name coming...
Now that I can access Star Wars Combine via Web services, I will be focussing on reformatting this website and game into an unofficial expanded universe to the Star Wars Combine.

While not an official expansion, users will still have access here to obtain any and all information that the swc has to offer. More information is coming soon. ]]>

2016-09-15 10:28:07
Rethinking this game... Expanded Universe for SWC
I was thinking of, rather than making this it's own game, build off of another more popular game, the Star Wars Combine through use of there Web Services.

However, their services are what seems to be appear, down, at the moment. But I am looking into seeing if that is something that will work in the near future and make this game an expanded version of the game with additional planets and possibly even levels such as on Coruscant. This may also be a great place for users who want to create small factions that do not meet the requirements on the games main page.

We shall see. I want to try and contact my admin team once again to see what they would like to do and see if I get a response. This also hinges on the Star Wars Combine website and it's web services working..

I will keep you all informed. ]]>

2016-09-14 17:13:37
Development Status
Not much has gone on as far as story goes. Many players are inactive and I didn't have many takers for our first scenario. So I have been focusing on development for this game, pretty frequently I might add.

I have mainly been focusing on refactoring the code so that other development members, should there be any, would be able to better understand my source code. I am also refactoring just for better code use and less repetition. Refactoring should make it easier to code more functions into the game.

I also have been re-organizing the galaxy a bit and the intergalactic travel system. All in all... I am happy with my progress. Once the game is a bit more developed, I am hoping more members are willing to join. Till then, I will continue to improve this game.

Thanks for looking. ]]>

2016-08-14 08:06:30
Looking for PHP/Javascript/HTML/CSS/MySQL Devs
I will assign a test project to those interested in participating to see what skills you have and to what degree you can be used if any.

We are looking for the following:

PHP Developers who have knowledge in HTML and MySQL

Javascript Developers who have basic knowledge of PHP as well as knowledge in HTML and CSS

HTML/CSS Developers

If you want to participate, please send me a PM and we can discuss your position or role within the development team. Thanks for looking!

Oh, using GIT is a must! ]]>

2016-07-11 10:14:16
SWC Banner Exchange Issues + Site Updates
Next, I wanted to say that since only 4 people decided to try and join the first official scenario, I thought it would be best to put it on hold.

I am currently updating the site to have better performance, advanced security and refactoring the code to be better edited by a team if the need should arise. Stay tuned, I should have more in the coming weeks! ]]>

2016-06-13 09:51:44
Species Development and Art
These are the species we are considering for the first wave:







B'Omarr Monk





You can earn 5500 OOGP for each full character submission you give(If you do all of them, you will receive 70,000 OOGP).

Finally, we need original art for these species. If you can create 3D semi-photorealistic art, we need one that represents male and another that represents female for each species. For each image you provide, we will reward you with 10,000 OOGP. If you choose to go to and order someone to do it, we will give you 2,000 OOGP for every dollar spent on that image if it is accepted. If the image is not accepted, for your troubles, we will go ahead and provide you with 500 OOGP for every dollar spent.

We look forward to seeing you all on the forums! ]]>

2015-12-20 11:24:08
Today is it!
2015-12-17 23:51:24
Fixed encoding on the rules page: NPC Scripts up
I fixed the rules page which should display the NPC script a bit more clearly now:

Sorry for the reused image for the rules category, but I will change that as soon as I find a good image to use. ]]>

2015-12-14 10:26:34
NPC Scripting Engine Tutorial released -- Issues
2015-12-13 22:51:58
NPC Scripting Engine Tutorial released
You can view a little documentation on how to get started with your script and some advanced features that can help you do even more than just a standard conversation.

If anyone wishes to help clean up the writing of that tutorial, please let me know and I will award OOGP for that. Happy scripting! ]]>

2015-12-13 22:40:55
Minor Sync: NPC Scripting
I have sync'd a minor feature over. It is still a bit under-developed, but it is fully functional: NPC Scripting. You can edit the script in your profile. To talk to a players script, simply click on the "Talk" link in the "Beings Around You" page by the players image.

I added a minor script to all players just so you can take a look at how the scripting feature operates. As mentioned, I didn't sync all modules and features to this, but I will be updating that within the coming couple of weeks.

Instructions for how this feature works will be added to the website tomorrow for everyone to review. Have fun interacting a little more around the galaxy! ]]>

2015-12-13 18:31:41
Fixed RSS and adding life to the game...
First off, I wanted to mention that the RSS Links are fixed for the news. So you should be able to sync it to your favorite reader like GReader or Feedly or the likes and receive the updated news as it comes.

Furthermore, in the next couple of days I will be adding player offline chat. What this means is that you will be able to add program conversations that a player can view when talking to you while you are offline. It's sort of like a visual novel game. It is pretty extensive and works well. I just need to document it for you all first. Then I need to sync the custom scripting engine. It will take a couple of days to pull the right Sync from the server. Like I said previously, I am doing a sync at a time to make sure there are no errors with the game. The offline conversation system will be loads of fun I think. Eventually when we have the ability to purchase droids and NPC's, you will be able to use this function for that as well. Stay tuned and keep watching over the next few days. ]]>

2015-12-09 21:09:37
Small Syncs, one at a time.
2015-12-06 08:14:03
Forum Bug fixed...
2015-12-06 08:12:48
What day is it today???
I synced one more minor feature to the game, which is game time and year which is beginning shortly after the destruction of the Death Star. Enjoy! ]]>

2015-12-05 17:06:33
Bug Fix and slight re-design
After viewing some statistics and performance issues with the website, I have decided to remove the background image and added a more flat design to the site. I am not sure how it is felt, but for now, for performance reasons, we will leave it as is.

Also, profile editing has been fixed. So a minor Sync from one of our testing sites. More to come soon. ]]>

2015-12-05 14:23:56
Scenario 1 is now open
I have officially opened up a Scenario thread for sign up in the Roleplaying Forum here:

or here:

If you wish to participate in this scenario, please post there and we can officially start this as a live scenario on 12/18/15.

If anyone wishes to moderator and/or GM this particular scenario, it would be most appreciated. Scenario details will be provided upon approval of the GM/Mod position. ]]>

2015-12-05 11:40:24
There has been an awakening... Have you felt it?
Long time no see. As I mentioned in my previous posts, sw-bfs is not dead, not by a long shot. We have some things coming.

I was hoping to get most of the functionality going prior to the Launch to the Force Awakens, but my wife and I just had another baby two weeks ago and wont make it for that deadline. However, I may activate the forums so that we may work on scenario's and such so we can all start gaining XP's.

So, keep an eye out here. If you wish to moderate(And participate) in any of the official launch scenario's, please PM me. If you have any idea's for a scenario as well, please also let me know. My goal is to get those running by December 18th. There will be 3 faction run scenarios for the Empire, the Rebel Alliance and then a general scenario for all other members. Start gathering members to join SW-BFS so that you can begin the roleplay. I am expecting more advanced game play to be functional no later than January.

Stay Tuned! ]]>

2015-12-03 10:10:45
NPC Dialog and Editor
The advanced programming language will be a bit like Javascript - minimal but enough to get some awesome scripts for you.

I have also been working on the editor which now some how supports syntax highlighting. But it is extremely buggy and I am having a bit of a hard time getting the bugs out. I should have an update and a resolution soon on this however. I almost resorted to going with a third party add-on/aPI on this one, but I am trying to do my best so the games code is all proprietary and not used. More on this later. ]]>

2015-08-08 09:00:07
More Progress
Over the past couple of weeks I have gone ahead and implemented my a few design elements to the game both for players and administrators which should make this much nicer and cleaner.

For starters, the forum and any faction that posts Galactic News Network news will have a WYSIWYG(What you see is what you get) editor. There wont be any need to include formatting key codes like [b] for bold, :-) for smiley face, etc.. This will just require pressing some buttons. I am just trying to style the editor to the rest of the site at the moment and make sure it has no bugs. I did write the editor on my own after all so I need to take precautions that there aren't any bugs...

For administrators and post starters... There is not an in-content editor. Basically that means that anything that is a document or needs to be posted can now be edited by just double clicking on that part of the website and clicking update. This means if you posted news as an administrator, you can edit the news you posted by clicking on it rather than going to a new page. If you added rules, you can just click on the rules document on the page and start editing. If you are an administrator and wish to edit a post (With the exception of moderator comments), you can just double click on the post and edit away. If you are a regular player and you made a post on the forums, you can also edit right from the post itself.

So, some small stuff, but it took me weeks to implement. But it will make for a far better playable game experience. These changes have been made on my test server and when we get to a playable point, we will have these synced to the main site. We are getting there, I swear! ]]>

2015-08-08 08:49:22
Server Management - Take 2
1) I can implement a pretty decent weather system for our planets and cities, eventually.

2) Admin NPC's can actually perform AI actions without anyone asking to.

3) Day night transitions can occur for the planets that can be consistent for everyone.

4) No more CRON jobs. I know people swear by the CRON's but I have several set up and while when they work they perform marvelously, I would prefer to use the server side apps to perform these functions. CRON's Will be there to run as a back up however in case the SSA's fail.

5) Timed or delayed functions can be better performed as well.

6) Private Messaging capabilities via Java Applet.

And there are many other benefits to this as well, but I thought it would be good for you to hear what I have envisioned. ]]>

2015-03-21 11:42:15
Server Management
For this reason I have added 2 additional VPS servers and an IRCD server.

In-Game location Chat and IRC Client chats will be held on the IRCD server. I was going to initially use MySQL to hold this data. However, it will kill the data usage and resources in the long run. So I decided to obtain an IRCD Shell Hosting Server. This will handle all room/location logs as well as chats that occur in-game. This in effect would also put less strain on the game connections allowing many users to connect to the game at the best possible speed.

Now the main game servers will still host the main database which will contain the game data, the user data, message data and forum data, etc... It will also host the main game images and user avatars/signatures.

New VPS 1 will host Faction images and external files. Like I said, this will take the load off of the main server and allow faction data to come through quickly as well. The faction game data such as forum and members list will still be hosted on the main Game Server.

New VPS 2 will host our testing server as well as our back up server and our sync server. Again, this is to put less strain on the whole server all together.

I am also hoping that with 4 different connections to pull from, hacking and data loss will be at a minimum for the game in case of any unfortunate issues or weaknesses. That is my hope anyway. So in total, we added 3 new servers to the main one to prepare for our future release. This has been weighing on my mind over the last few weeks and I had wondered how in the world I would allow running this game with all its features and users(Hopefully a lot) without having our host ban me for excessive use. So, let's hope this will do the trick. ]]>

2015-03-21 11:31:02
Sorry, bad link: ]]>

2015-02-15 09:35:29
SWUM 1.0 Alpha Preview
Now, some of you may remember "Star Wars Unleashed". This project started as a joint effort with them and eventually broke off from that. The original engine used was SWUM which stood for Star Wars Unleashed Manager. At this point, when we began joint discussion of this game, we still called the game interface and engine SWUM. As such, the name remained.

Therefore, this preview is of SWUM 1.0 Alpha. When the game is a bit more operational and reaches version 1.0, we may or may not rename the engine that drives the game. In the meantime however, note a small preview of the work that is being done behind the scenes for in-game playing: ]]>

2015-02-13 17:35:40
Still not dead--- More work being done - scripts
Yes, we are not dead. Yes, progress on this game is slow as ever. I am no longer putting up deadlines or expectation dates. Unfortunately I need a little more time to work on this game and the features I have planned.

I am taking a lesson from other games that are similar. When something is somewhat done, its hard to get your character where you want it to be. If things are not planned accordingly, you end up also having to re-do a bunch of code.

The best thing to get established right now are some in-game devices such as items, travelling and scenarios. Artwork is essential as well as database structure. The more I tinker with this game, the more I need to change the database. In some cases, in order to work to how I would it need it to work, complete resets are needed. So, I know this is a frustrating wait, but the pay off will be worth it. Programming wise, with the exception of Star Wars Combine, this is the most advanced Online multi-player RPG Star Wars Sim. For now, anyway...

Moving on to the work I have been doing. Bug fixes on the forums and features are still being worked on. Scenario roleplaying is the biggest thing on my to-do list. I am excited to announce that I have begun work on a scripting engine today. The engine itself consists of two parts: Input and Output. Input is what the user puts in, output is what is displayed as a result.

The scripting engine will be available to all users for the following purposes:

1)NPC Dialogue and action scripts.
2)Automatic Player Dialog and action scripts.
3)NPC Posts to have your characters interact with during a scenario.
4)Item interaction
5)Electronic's Interaction
6)General Actions interaction

Most of these things will be limited to the admin team, however, you will be able to use them as well. As I said, the engine is a multi-platform engine that works on all aspects of the game on all browsers for all OS. You, as the regular user, will mostly use this scripting engine to have your NPC's talk and perform and for custom items that you may create.

The engine is my own brand of scripting that allows you to do the most basic things very easily - such as dialogue interaction. It would be as simple as this:

-->-->Greetings<--<--Hello there, my name is Talibar Zukro::ER

say("Good to meet you Talibar. My name is Mr. NPC.")::EC

Basically the script above will allow you to greet the NPC if you wish. In return the NPC Greets and introduces himself to you as well. So, as simple as scripting can get for dialogue interaction. However, as the root engine is Javascript, you will have some similar syntax capabilities that JS provides such as comparisons, conditionals, variables, etc..

The engine will basically parse(safely - no DB accessvor actual HTML/PHP Printing will be allowed nor function with this engine) into Javascript source code. The engine will have global variables that will allow you to access Player information, Faction information, planet/city/facility information and NPC Details. The scripting engine can be linked together via Global Variables that will be detected between scripts. This will allow for quests and adventures to be allowed.

What is currently coded into the engine:

1) Basic Dialogue functionality. Saying and responding is currently possible.
2) Some variables are available regarding the players details such as name, rank and faction.
3) Javascript engine for variable declaration, conditionals, comparisons, etc...

What is not coded:
1) Safety measures to prevent hacks or having the engine do things that it shouldn't do.
2) Some more Global Variables for players, NPC's, galaxy and faction.
3) Specific Admin and Quest functionality.

A brief description regarding NPC Dialogue for Scenarios:

In a scenario, a GM may choose to pre-program some NPC Scripts(Which can be changed at any point in the scenario). These NPC's are not found in-game and will only be found in a scenario. Basically, if the current roleplayer walks into a particular room, the GM may decide to pop up an NPC. The character can choose to roleplay as he wishes or give up the roleplay for a chance to talk to the NPC which will be pre-programmed. You must finish the roleplay. If the roleplay is cancelled for any reason, you may resume where you left off. If after a specific time or when the GM deems it necessary, the rest of the conversation can be simulated to completion.

So, even though things are slow, some major enhancements are being worked on for awesome functionality and game play. So hang tight! ]]>

2015-02-08 20:25:44
Sync to Launch on 10/13/14
Just your friendly admin coming in with the latest news on our site and its reset. We are scheduled for Monday 10/13/14 and should go into 10/14/14.

A reminder e-mail will reach all users on Friday 10/10/14 for this reset so that all may be prepared and set to come and join us on that day. We are working on a couple of new activities to start then as well.

Keep a lookout. See you all soon! ]]>

2014-10-05 08:27:39
Faction Leaders
I am also willing to take on minor factions into the game if you are interested. To do so, you will need the following:

*7 members that you can gather(Must have their approval first before presenting to me).
*A banner size logo and a smaller button sized logo of your faction.
*A Clear and detailed faction description and background.

Once you have those items, we can discuss if we will start you with your own faction. Let me know guys! ]]>

2014-09-22 22:46:25
Complete Wipe of your accounts
I will leave some faction leaders/admin available with barebone accounts in which they will need to adjust in their profile. But other than those exceptions, all users will need to re-register their accounts. So this does not come as a surprise, I will be sending a game wide newsletter listing the changes and that the wipe will be days away.

Again, this is to avoid errors and have a more strict sign up rule on those creating characters.

Upon new registration, you will see that you can choose only a few planetary locations as opposed to the ones you started with and can travel to now. The reason for this is that the planets are now hard-coded into the game(Ground travel, rooms and such). Every player that registers will begin with a random amount of OOGP's. You will also randomly test you for force sensitivity. If you were force sensitive now and still wish to remain so on new registration, please let me know once you register and what your previous character's handle was. You will also all start with a base set of credits that will enable you to purchase some basic items. In addition to that amount of credits, you can receive a random amount of credits from 1 to 10,000,000,000(Very hard to get over 50 million though).

To travel, you may purchase NPC Transportation. If you were lucky enough to have enough credits, you can purchase a ship.

For factions, this is how many credits you will begin with at start based on your canon power in Star Wars:

Rebel Alliance:
2,000,000,000 credits plus a random amount between 50,000,000 and 1,000,000,000. You will begin with 1000 OOGP's.

Galactic Empire:
100,000,000,000 credits plus a random amount between 500,000,000 and 5,000,000,000. You will also begin with 1000 OOGP's.

Hapes Government:
The Same as the Empire.

Black Sun:
The same as the Rebel alliance.

If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you all for watching! ]]>

2014-09-21 14:19:39
Still here. - latest update
2014-09-13 10:08:42
Travel System Update and Handle Changes
Now on to the travel system... I will be implementing a bare bone system for travel that will work as a temporary stand in. Everyone will randomly be placed in a hangar on a certain planet. You will all default to the local planets starport. From there, you can take the transport system to a different location. Depending on where you are travelling, you will need to pay a certain amount from your credits. This is a temporary system as I mentioned. Travelling will gain credits for you. These are currently the only planets you may travel to from the start: Coruscant, Corellia, Endor, Tatooine, Hapes, Falleen, Yavin 4, Naboo, Hoth, Bespin. As the game expands, more systems and planets will be added as well. This change will occur possibly next week.

One last thing... Handles. Many handles are not legitimately given. I will mark in the database who has a bad handle. Once that happens, when you log in, the game will not allow you to continue until you choose a new handle. When you have that new handle, an administrator will have to accept it and then you will be able to proceed once more. This again should be sync'd next week. Right now though, I am giving priority to factions so that must come first. ]]>

2014-08-22 23:44:56
1. - Private faction forum. You won't be able to exchange OOGP just yet. But you will have the generic start up forums for your faction.
2. - You will be able to submit a join request as well as leave a faction.

For Faction Leaders/Owners, you will start with the following features:

1. - Forum Moderation for your faction.
2. - Accepting/declining members.
3. - Banning Members.
4. - Viewing member list
5. - Viewing your factions credits and OOGP.
6. - Adding to the faction Timeline. This will remain permanent. Once you submit an entry, it can not be removed. All future leaders/owners will be able to see it.
7. - Submitting personalized Faction news for only your faction.
8. - Ability to post on the GNN for the respective category.
9. - Faction leadership privileges. Only one for now. This will handing over leadership to another user if you choose.

The game will start with 4 factions and not the original 3 I had in mind. We will have the Galactic Empire, The Rebel Alliance, The Hapes Government and Black Sun. We already have a leader for the GE. But I am taking applicants for the other factions. PM me if you are interested.

The faction feature is planned to be finished by the end of the week as long as my personal life goes as planned. If not the end of this week, a good chance that it will be next week. Keep watching this spot! ]]>

2014-08-17 21:31:37
Update to the Home/About page
2014-08-03 15:12:51
Who needs permissions anyway?!?!?!?
One of the pitfalls of web sites in general falls on permissions. I shouldn't say it is a pitfall. Permissions really help keep things in order and undesired things from happening. Unfortunately, permissions can become sort of annoying. In one sense you make something more secure and much cooler. Then you realize you just broke 100 other "Important" things you really needed to work. Part of the reason why I take long times away from the game when creating a project so complex is because sometimes the smallest of the small can take away functionality. You are then left doing a search that can take hours and some times days to find where the culprit went wrong.

For example. I recently had a permission setting which would allow you to assign a group to a forum category and to a particular forum under that category. Works well for categories. I can transport myself to a topic when I manually type the address in the address bar and my permissions are there to view the topic. However, click on the topic and your permissions go nuts. I spent 3 days (Not 72 hours straight, mind you) trying to find the culprit in about 3,000 lines of code. The reason behind the error? I missed putting an underscore on a database table name. Yes, I missed this: _ . I know many my wonder why I disappear at times and this is the reason. Either I am taking a very long time searching for a mis-typed name or looking for where I missed the comma or semi colon, etc... Or I may have went through hundreds of hours of searching, finding the solution and would now like to take a rest. Sometimes you need to step back and when you come back to the task at hand refreshed, you work faster and more adequately.

In addition to the more annoying things like that, you have to think of everywhere permissions would need to work. So for instance, in the sense of a forum, you have these issues to contend with when it comes to permissions:

1)Who can view the forum: Anyone, a member group, a certain individual and/or administrators?
2)Permissions need to be set for the board, the categories, the forum, the topic, the mod/admin/gm tools and the editing feature. Miss one of these, and though a hacker would not be able to see the categories or topics... He can take a guess at an id number and pop right through to edit someone's post or view a topic he shouldn't be seeing.
3)Adding permissions for a particular forum means adding permissions for a certain category. Easy enough. You add a group to a forum, you can automatically add it for the categories. Otherwise, even though you have access to the forum, if you do not have access to the category, you wont see the forum.
4)Removing permissions becomes more complicated. If you remove a group from a forum you can remove it from the category too, then you wont see that forum or category any longer. However, if your group is assigned to other forums under that category... You can not automate a process to remove the group from the category. Now you have to make sure that there are no other places the group belongs to before removing it from the category. Is this hard? No, but requires a lot of concentration not to break something else. And finally...
5)This all becomes even more complicated when you have sub-forums within a forum.

I say finally... But these are the big things to worry about when it comes to forum permissions.

With all that being said.. A few posts ago I mentioned that there were some bugs. I am getting closer and closer to getting rid of those bugs. I know this seems like I am taking a long time. But please take a look at this site. Take a look at the features. Then imagine all the tools you are not seeing that administrators see. I have coded all this with my own code. I am not borrowing software from anyone or anywhere. The last time I had my project manager tally up the lines of code I had put into this (That is not to mention the lines missing from edits or mistakes or upgrades that I have done in the past 2 years) it came to about 146,000 lines. A 350 page novel contains at most 120,000 sentences. So, you can see there is a lot of work that goes into this.

Let me tell you though.. The ACL Permissions in this game are going to be extraordinary. I only hope I make it hacker proof as well. But, I just wanted everyone to know how hard I have been working on this. This is not to show off or gloat. But I writing this because I have recently received e-mails stating that I am not working hard enough or fast enough on this game. I can understand the frustration, but I also have a personal life on top of writing such a complex site and game on top of the site. For all of you who are waiting patiently, I thank you for your support and patience! Keep coming back to read more updates. ]]>

2014-08-03 14:55:53
Character Stories
There is a lot about your character we do not know. We are starting this game right as the battle of Endor is ending. Your character is a major player in the universe. So, why haven't I heard of you?!?!?!? Hence, I will be adding a couple of new features for character development. I am going to do this in three ways.

1) Roleplay Forums. Yes, we have scenarios and we have a freestanding RP forum. But I will add character based RP Forums which will be strictly based on your character and will allow others to join in on your story. The thread starter would get 15XP per post while everyone who joins would earn 10XP. Mind you these forums will be moderated for abuse. For every RP that comes to a satisfying conclusion, the thread starter will receive an additional 1000XP and participants 500 additional XP. Once concluded(Not abandoned), a moderator will check the status of RP and if he feels that some deserve more XP than they received, well, then so be it. These RP's are meant to serve as a prequel story to your character. These are public and viewable by anyone. The thread starter will also receive OOGP based on their performance and moderation.

2) Character stories. Now I personally like this idea and had wished some other games incorporated this. A Character story can be a complete novelization or a simple short story of one of your characters previous adventures. How will one be rewarded on this? You will receive 500 XP for each story you submit(Pending moderator examination). Based on what our mods think of your story, you will receive additional XP as well as OOGP for the story. All stories are publicly viewable and can be found under your profile or under our stories section(That will be added eventually). For every like you receive for your story, you will receive an additional 10 XP. I am really hoping for some crazy creativity here.

3)Personal Character timeline. Now, I already want to say that there will be a social networking feature built into the game already. This is not it. The timeline is how you see your characters story progress. There will be elements that only you can see, that the whole public can see or who you can choose to allow to see. It is sort of an expanded Biography from your profile with more restrictive access and such.

I am really trying to create a rich history of our game to compliment the on-going story that everyone will be participating in. However, in doing so things can become confused. So to make things less confusing, as things happen in-game, there will be an auto-processing system that will record major events for planets, cities, facilities, ships, sectors and systems and keep a timeline of it. Moderators and admins will keep a timeline of the game going as well for public viewing. Factions will have personal timelines. News articles will be archived. And now, players will have a timeline of their own. Why do all this? Because the game needs to be consistent. Before creating a story or jumping into one, do some research. Make it all make sense and flow smoothly. It will be hard and it will certainly not be perfect. But with enough effort, it will still make things interesting. Just had a brainstorm this evening and figured this would be a great thing to add to the game. I will keep you posted to its progress. ]]>

2014-08-02 21:21:07
A decision has been made regarding the User Base
This is not happening now, but within the next few weeks. You will all be sent an e-mail notification of the reset and the fact that you would need to re-register just a few days prior to it happening. There will also be a news post a few days earlier.

On a side note... On our staging server there has been a change to your location screen. In fact, under the "surroundings" category will now replace "Beings Around You" with "At Your Location". A bit more generalized. Below the "Surroundings" Category will contain additional links for creating fixtures, building facilities, etc... In the "At your Location" Link, the idea will remain the same. However, you will see a bit more than what you see now. You will have a travel tool, a room function area(Cockpit, casino, etc...), a section which will display all the loose items available for pick up, and the chat section(Still in Progress). Will be neat once in full action. Keep looking here for more of Dev News. ]]>

2014-08-02 10:46:58
Programming latest
I am thinking at this point that because of how a lot of the new features are going to be programmed, that I will have to reset the game accounts all together. Not sure yet...

Here is what I am sure of:

I am going to require some assistance in the future in the form of some full time administrative volunteers. That means that I may need some players to focus more on development than on game play. At least for a bit of time. The administrative assistance I would mostly need is game universe design(Creating ships, vehicles, room maps, etc...).

Furthermore, I will be creating three factions soon. I want to keep the amount of features simple until the game has expanded enough to allow for more factions. We will start with The Rebel Alliance and The Galactic Empire as well as a mercenaries group of my creation. So I will need some leaders for this.

Also an FYI for you... I will be removing planetary travel in order to get a full traveling system working. What I will be doing is adding a space station to the game where you will all be located in. It will be located in an outer rim location and have about 12 rooms to travel between. A travel system will not be available until we have more planets and systems within the game. However, Once the location reset occurs, you will be able to move between rooms. Each room will have a live chat feature allowing you all to communicate with each other without delay as long as your browser allows Javascripts to run. Furthermore, One room will be a casino so that you have a chance at winning some credits and another room will have a market so that you can purchase some items to start with.

If I choose to reset the game character base, which is very likely, Everyone will start automatically with enough credits to purchase at least one weapon and item plus a random amount of credits that can be between 1 and 100,000,000 credits more than the base credits. Don't worry, not everyone or a lot of people will start with too many credits. But everyone will get enough to start with what the game has. Remember, there will be a casino. Work with that.

What have I been doing on the private server? Well a few things:

1) I totally revamped how permissions work. Now we have administrative, forum and user permissions. I will be adding Faction permissions in soon as well.

2) Added a faction forum type. This, when the public server is updated, will show up as a new board at the top of the forums page. The faction you belong to will have its forums appear there. If there is a forum you do not have permission to view, it will not appear. ***Please note the following after this are still being worked on*** If your faction decides to release a few forums to the public, everyone can see those forums. Forums will also allow you to add users or factions to the permissions so that not everyone in the galaxy can view those forums. Good for allied situations or if you own multiple factions that will work together, etc...

Every faction will be allowed a base number of forums they can create at start up which will be 4. In addition to that, each faction can create departments. At start up, you can only create 3 departments. Each department can start with 2 additional forums each. In order to purchase the ability to add more departments or even add more forums to a department or faction, you will need to use OOGP as this is a server feature. Factions will have access to all the OOGP that the owner has. OOGP can not be traded amongst players. However, players can donate OOGP to their factions. Their faction leaders can purchase or reward donations if they choose. Once the exchange has been made however for the OOGP, the player can no longer obtain them back. As long as the faction is in existance, you will always be allowed to delete or create as many forums and departments as you have purchased.

3)Forum updates.. Forums can now add groups, individual players, factions, RPG Scenario members, faction leaders or force users to a forum or forum category. Forums can in addition to the above, be password protected. Sub-forums have also been added to the forums as well as some administrative tools. ***In Progress*** Scenario tools are still in progress. This is a bit harder to do as it does require a lot of work.

4) The last feature I added was a basic Faction joining tool. Leaders can accept or deny users who want to join as well as expel users. You wont have much else to work with other than the private forums for your faction and a general news posting feature.

All these added things still have bugs in them, but I am working on them. I know it has been a long and drawn out ride, but bare with me. Eventually this will be a great game, I promise! ]]>

2014-07-26 12:01:52
Forums: WIPED
2014-04-15 19:28:09
FINAL WARNING: Forums will be wiped Tomorrow
Thank you. ]]>

2014-04-13 22:21:55
Room Maps needed
If anyone is interested in developing multi story grid based room layout (You can use paint, Excel, Word... Whatever can help you to show off the floor plans easily) you will be rewarded for each entry.

Here are the rules for this. Each facility MUST have the following room types:

*Control Room

Optional Room Types:
*Mechanical Repair
*Medical Room
*Surveillance Room
*Jail Cell
*Docking Bay
*Display Room (For museums, mansions, etc...)
*Recreational Room

One room is allowed to be more than one type.So you can have a Dining Room, Entrance/Exit and Control Room be all in one room.

The Grid system is devises this way: If I ask for a four by four room, you will need four rows across and four rows down like so:
If I ask for a 2x2, then it would be designed like this on each floor:

Etc... However, the rule is not strict. You have have 4x4, but every square does not need to occupy a room space. It may be empty. The Grid Size is basically just a rule or guideline to follow. So for instance, lets say we have a 6x6 facility. However, the first floor will not contain all 36 rooms. You may simply remove the spaces you do not want like so:

0000 0
00 000
000 0

I hope that makes sense. If something is multi-level, note how many stories they are and create a map where there are stairs in there as well. Please note, if you have a 100 story building and for some reason 20 floors need to be empty, simply create an elevator to skip those floors. Sub Levels it may have are considered to be the basement.

Now, here are the buildings I need done first:

Mansion (6x6, 3 stories, 1 sublevel)
5 different maps for 100 floor Skyrise Buildings (8x8, 100 stories, 10 sublevels.)
***Also needed are for 80 Stories, 70 Stories and 50 Stories all with the same sub level amounts.
Prison(8x8, 4 stories, 2 sub levels)
Imperial Palace (12x12, 60 Stories, 15 Sub Levels)
Jedi Temple (10x10, 20 Stories, 5 sub levels)
Sith Temple (10x10, 30 stories, 5 sub levels.)
Tavern (1x4, 2 stories, 1 sublevel)
Municipal Building (5x5, 5 stories, 1 sublevel)
Large Starport (15x15, 6 stories, 5 sublevels)

For each one you submit, you will receive a large reward. After these are done, more will follow. If you have questions, please post them in the comments below. Thanks Everyone. ]]>

2014-04-12 15:13:58
WARNING: Forums will be wiped
The changes are mostly for admin and internal coding functionality as well as to make way for the scenario system that is coming. One of the benefits of this new change will allow the following abilities which will not be implemented for another few weeks:

1) Ability to click on a thread and automatically be brought to the last post you viewed.
2) The ability to add individual users to a forum without having to necessarily be an administrator, moderator or part of that group.
3) Password protected Forums. With Moderators, groups and the above mentioned feature it would seem obsolete. But I am adding it anyway just in case it is needed.
4) Sub Forums within forums.

And the new forum code will allow even more features than what is mentioned. It also improves stability and administrative checking and editing.

So, this is your final warning. Most likely Monday/Tuesday, all your posts and topics will be gone. If you have a scenario you were working, save the information. Otherwise once it is gone, it is gone. If you have any questions, please post in the comments thread below. ]]>

2014-04-12 14:52:56
Forums wipe coming within the next few weeks *Creating boards
*Creating board categories
*Creating forums
*Moving Posts
*Moving Forums
*Moving categories
*Deleting Posts, forums, categories, boards.
*Editing posts
*Rewarding Scenario's
*Logging activity
*Adding moderators and GM's to forums
*Adding Groups to forums, boards and categories.
*Creating Faction boards (Big step into finally releasing factions).
*Adding users to groups
*Giving users specific access to forums and boards.
*Password protecting boards.

What is missing then?
*Scenario requesting and approving tool(Partially done, needs some fine tuning and a little more to add to it).
*I need to link up some features to in-game play. The inventory system and the galaxy system is all set up in the back end. However, factions need to be more fully implemented into this.
*Some scenario tools: Saving the RP into a PDF, separating chapters, closing scenario's, GM Notes, etc..
*Some cosmetic features such as voting up an entire thread, not just a post. Reporting abuse.
*Some Database touch ups for our Help Forum and for our Market forums. Market forums will have a public store, as well as an NPC Market. Factions can purchase private Game Markets with OOGP and can further make it public with some more OOGP. Market stores can contain auctions and an actual merchant feature. The Market forum will also have a classified section which will be kind of neat. The help forum will function as a regular forum as well as have a bug base built into it. I just need to touch up the database and how the code stores data between tables for this. I do not need to fully implement the features here.

I say within the next few weeks. I am estimating about 8 weeks. I wont wipe the forums now because it wont matter, everyone will just keep posting anyway. However, please look for things to look funny at times with the upgrades. Once I am done with what is missing above, I will be wiping the forums completely. Stay tuned for that. ]]>

2014-03-06 23:08:38
Some minor updates to the forums RPG stuff
2014-03-04 22:15:00
Slow going....
2014-02-01 11:53:05
What's next?
What can you expect in the coming weeks?

1. Ships. You will be able to build a fleet soon.
2. A use for oogp to upload custom images.
3. Images for your injured and dead character.

For the staff... You are getting some new tools. Stay tuned. ]]>

2013-11-19 02:04:39
Good News Everyone!
Remember people, be sure to invite your friends to come and play! ]]>

2013-11-12 13:43:45
Latest changes... You may find bugs
Coming tonight will be Inventory spawning and possibly ship spawning. At the current moment, because of how the travel system is done, all your inventory will basically follow you and remain at your location as long as you do. Rest assured, at this time noone can pilfer your belongings. However, once we developed a more functional movement system, your items will need to be placed at a location. When it comes to that, you will be allowed to choose the location. If you miss your chance to choose that location, all your items drop to the location your character is in. Ships/capital ships will be at your location/in orbit depending on its type if you do not set its location to drop to when the time comes.

Now I know that most of you are waiting for the items and weapons that were supposed to spawn a while ago. I will not be spawning those for you yet, but you should be aware of whats going on and no doubt when everyone begins seeing the weapons and inventory links, there were going to be many questions as to where those items were.

Another change on the forums is that now the moderators can assign rewards for the RP's. I know some have had trouble doing so, which makes me think there may some bugs in the system. So please, if you do not get your reward for a roleplay, be patient, we are still working out the bugs.

There are a few other things I would like to implement by this week, but I may be getting over-ambitious, so we will see how that goes. ]]>

2013-11-10 13:35:46
You may post on the forums again
2013-11-09 17:17:19
Forum tool fixing...
This should be fixed shortly. Thank you for your patience. ]]>

2013-11-09 14:28:21
2013-10-31 10:29:03
Talibar still Absent
Also, keep posting ideas. I still run the Dark Force user, and Planetary management side of things. Even though I do not have the tools to implement anything myself, I am looking for idea's that can help create an atmosphere that everybody enjoys. I am keeping record of all ideas and will make sure to inform Talibar of your contributions in his absence, something he will likely reward you generously with.

Alexis Vikram ]]>

2013-10-11 17:30:10
Origin Faction RP's are Live!
With Talibar gone exp will not be distributed, as he is the only one who has access to the experience distribution tool. Upon his return he will likely distribute experience accordingly.

For now get to Roleplaying, again this is a great way to introduce your character, and any ambitions your character has.

Let us thank Srota for taking the initiative and setting these up.

-Alexis Vikram


2013-09-04 13:13:41
Ship Implementation
Of the ships that are implemented, I have been able to record most of the statistics for those. Some stats are still needing to be balanced and or implemented. Images will also need to be uploaded.

Pending Talibar's approval of these ships, the progress for the starter ships is going extremely well. Hopefully we will see the implementation and spawning of these ships within the next week or so.

While you guys are waiting, the team highly encourages you to continue suggesting ships. Remember, any ships that you suggest that become approved will be yours as soon as the ships are spawned.

-Alexis Vikram ]]>

2013-08-23 18:05:39
Items and Weapons are almost here
So, items and weapons (The initial ones) are implemented in the database and so are the images I have. The snag I am having at the moment is spawning the items. It keeps spawning them rather than putting it into your inventory :/ .

Its a simple fix, but I gotta clean up the universe a little bit as there are free flowing weapons every where and I need to assign everyone their stuff. Bear with me. Once my baby goes to sleep, it should take no more than an hour to finish up everything. Thank you for the patience! ]]>

2013-08-23 09:05:38
Good News, everybody!
2013-08-21 09:40:54
Little Snag on the items
2013-08-20 17:53:46
Last chance for sabers
2013-08-18 09:07:39
New Staff Member I just wanted to introduce myself to the current Beta players:

Director of the Darkside Force Users

Join Request Manager

Planetary Manager/Editor

I am here to help minimize the workload for Talibar when the game comes out of beta. I am more then willing to listen to any suggestions, or ideas in regards to the listed categories. For now, my role is very minimal as not all of the tools or features are implemented.

As of now,
I will not be able to manage and or edit planet layouts due to the feature still being in the development phase.

I will not be able to answer too many questions in regards to how the force is going to work. As far as I know that feature will be worked on more extensively.

I can however,

Take any suggestions or ideas in regards to the force, and planetary management, so I can pass these on to Talibar.

I plan to start compiling a document of any suggestions the the community may have. This is so I can just pass these ideas en-mass to Talibar instead of him having to sort through them one by one.

I encourage others to also take an active role within the community. I know Talibar is working hard to get this game off the ground.


2013-08-14 22:50:30
Attention Force Users!

If you are Force Sensitive: You are receiving a lightsaber. Its to note that every player will begin with a few items to begin the game. None are tradeable or loseable at the moment. For RP Purposes, you will be using them for your character.

Everyone will receive the following:

DL-44 Blaster

Non Force Users will receive:
2 Knives
Long Sword

These items above are non-negotiable and yes, more items will be placed in the game... Eventually. This is to start off. So please, do not ask me to give you an item that is not listed. If you are a force user, please do not ask me why you did not receive the knives and long sword.

As for everything above and everything below... Do not ask me when they will be useable or what they are there for. This at the moment is something basic that I feel all characters should have in the game and should start with. Further, while combat evolves, these items will THEN be useable. For now, they are not. So please do not ask for an ETA. Simpy use these weapons/items in your RP. I know many have used other items in their RP and that is fine. You may/may not receive those items. Thats just a fair disclaimer for the moment. While you wait on the release of items, you may use whatever items you wish in your RP's that are not in the game yet until further notice.

For the force users, you will have until Friday to let me know which lightsaber you would like. No, if the lightsaber is not on the list, you will not get it. No I will not customize your lightsaber image. These are things to come in the future and please do not ask how soon in the future. Furthermore, please do not post publicly what you would like. Rather, send me a PM of your choice. So for the force users:

Which hilt(These are the only styles for the moment. Do not ask for others):
Double bladed Hilt (specify if you would like to be able to detach the sabers into two or not)
Short Hilt (You can request 2 OF ONLY THIS HILT)
Medium Hilt (No, do not ask, you can only have one)
Long Hilt
Lightwhip (AKA: Lightsaber Whip - You will only get one)

What color Lightsaber Crystal:
Crimson Red
Those are your only choices. No, I will not give you BLACK, NO WHITE, NO MAGENTA, NO other color. If its not listed, I will not provide it for you. If you have a double bladed hilt(Detachable or not) or dual hilts, you can specify different colors for each blade.

You also get one last item... Since all the regular players get Jackets and you do not, you will also receive a Force Robe. No, I will not customize color or size, etc.. Its the same for everyone. When (And please do not ask me when) I have custom images working, you can customize the robes and even the lightsabers.

I know some of the comments seem a little... off putting. I just do not want a million questions from 100 different users all asking the same thing. So, I would rather it be done this way. But anyway, real fun stuff. ]]>

2013-08-11 20:57:11
The Talibar Strikes back!
2013-08-09 07:00:57
Slow time
2013-08-06 10:12:34
Coming Soon to a more fabulous RP...
Here is the first one:
Your Forum Signature. You can upload only one for this. Additional slots will require to purchase them via OOGP.

Yes, same deal as above. However, you get a few more image slots for a few different Avatar states.. If you are 10 HP less than your max, you can provide an Avatar for a sluggish looking character.
If you are at half your HP, you can provide an image for a half beaten and badly injured avatar.
If you are at 10hp or less, you can provide a near death Avatar.
If you die, you can provide a corpse shot avatar. This should make the whole game a bit more realistic and easier for others around you, when they see you, to know what is going on. It adds a thrilling Role Play experience.

Also coming within the next week, and the reason for those features above, HP loss in battle and looting. Yes, when you fight your opponent, you will receive a bit more of a play by play, but not much because I am still having to make that more complex for skills. With that though, you will manage to lose HP. I will not allow death. However, you can be looted for a random chance of up to %10 of all your earnings(Rounds up if you have less than 10 credits).

The reason why I am implementing this feature into the game right now is because it has to do with the "live" scenario option that will be making an appearance in the future. Live Scenario's are scenario's where everything your character does is live. Until it is your turn to post, your character can not move or perform any important function other than messaging, forums, entity transfers, etc... But travel and attacking will be disabled while you wait your turn. Having a visual of what is happening to you in real time and how you appear will be visible to all those who RP with you. It adds to the visual aid part of the game RP. Our first official Scenario will be held in a live scenario. That will also be when the game is out of Beta... Officially!

Also with all that... If your opponent is 15hp or less, you will see a mugging option where you can take 25% of all his earnings (I have over a gazillion credits, so good look if can beat me ;) ) . However, please note, in the very near future, when locations are completed there a few things that can be seen permanently by all characters and some that will not be visible. For instance, from the time you walk into a room or location till the time you leave, what will be said and who walks in and out will be visible to for just that perdiod. After that, it all goes by by. When you go back to the location, it resets. However, for RP purposes and to make sure you stick to your characters type and profile, if you attack or mug someone in those locations, you will always be able to see that.

The reason being for this is that I do not want you mugging people simply because you can and because you may think that the RP Aspect of the game is not connected to that. It is connected and I want players to stay IC when playing the game as much as when they are RPing.

So lots of cool stuff to come. Right now, I need experienced RP volunteers to step up and volunteer to GM official scenarios. The beginning of our story will be broken into several scenarios because unfortunately, not everyone can participate in one, otherwise that poor GM will be overwhelmed. And Honestly, too many players makes it a good chance that the scenario will never finish. So I need some volunteers between now and then so that we can discuss how this will go down. You will receive OOGP's for this. I anticipate that the live official scenarios will begin in no more than two months. It will allow death and it will be very exciting! Stay tuned. ]]>

2013-08-03 13:01:27
Also, when you edit a profile, there is now a link on that page that allows you to view it, rather than having to click a user name in the forum to see a profile. Enjoy! ]]>

2013-08-03 12:36:11
Let the votes begin!
2013-08-03 00:26:52
More forum updates
2013-08-02 21:43:04
Some minor forum updates...
Over the next few hours, some minor forum fixes/features will come into play. Some apparent, others not so. Hope this makes the user experience a little better :) ]]>

2013-07-31 18:14:28
Give me life or give me.... Death?
Discussing the rules for life and death in the game. Check them out. ]]>

2013-07-29 22:22:01
Is that rain? It can't be, we are in the basement!
Weather will be updated every single day at a rate of 2 hours. It will vary from planet to planet and it will be continental. So you may be on a planet and it may be raining on what part of the planet, but on the other part of the planet, you will not see rain. Instead, it will be snowing. The weather system will be slightly evolving. Do not expect a genius weather system, just one that is fun and will add something to RP about. Weather history will of course be saved, so you will be able to see up to a years worth of weather for each continent. I think this really adds a nice element to the RP side of things on the forums. When you are roleplaying and you tell the system that you changed your location on the RP, the forum will tell you what the weather will be like on that part of the planet this way, if you wish, you could implement that into your RP. It will make for some interesting fun. If this becomes a success, I may one day add Earthquakes and other disasters to the game as well.

Which brings me to the basement part of the news topic. Planets can have sub levels developed below the ground and they can also have upper levels (Think Coruscant). Yes, thats right! Planets can be built up in true Star Wars Metropolis style! Further, every planet can have a varying grid size. So it will not simply just be 10x10 or 20x20. And for the right price, cities can also have varying grid sizes.

Now why am I telling you this all? Well because one, I will need art work done for planetary surfaces and for weather conditions as well as the planets themselves. If you provide some art that is free to use without any issue, you will be rewarded.

Further, I am going to be announcing a contest within the next few days (Yes another one) and you will have a major opportunity to earn some Enormous and I mean ENORMOUS prizes of planetary proportions (Hint hint). Which brings me to my next feature for the future: Players, even those who are freelancing, will be allowed to own entire planets, systems and even sectors if they some how manage that with some good RP and in-game assets. The opportunities are endless! ]]>

2013-07-28 14:00:58
Yes, a simple battle system to help you earn some XP's has been put in place. It does not yet take into consideration statistics and no one will die from losing.

Check the "Beings around you" console and attack whomever you would like. A player can be attacked a max of 3 times per 24 hours and you can attack players up to 4 times per 24 hours. The timer is reset every night at 10:00pm eastern time and then you may begin your attack. When statistics come into play, the limit will be removed. But for now, have fun.

[b]***Back to Forum/Faction programming!***[/b] ]]>

2013-07-27 21:07:58
You've Got SkillZ
You have four leveling tiers:

Tier 1: Levels 1 through 15: you can level up for every 10,000 XP.

Tier 2: Levels 16 to 40: You can level up for every 50,000 XP.

Tier 3: Levels 41 to 100: You will level up for every 100,000 XP.

Tier 4: Levels 101 and over: 250,000 XP required to level up.

So, just so you know how it works, you can see below how you can max out your Tiers (Tier 4 can go unlimitedly):

150,000 XP to max out tier 1
1,400,000 to Max out Tier 2
7,400,000 to Max out Tier 3
7,650,000 to level up to Level 101

You will see the XP Level you are on under your Avatar and you can see how many skill points you have under your profile when you edit it. Enjoy! ]]>

2013-07-27 15:12:14
Earn Some XP
I have handed out some XP already for the roleplay. Keep on playing and more will be on its way :) ]]>

2013-07-27 13:17:32
Beings are lurking about
2013-07-27 07:13:14
New Max users!
Also, you can now travel to Mandalore, if you are interested ;) ]]>

2013-07-26 18:53:17
Forums are still in progress
BUT! I am working really hard on getting these forums up and running fully for an actual RP. I apologize that it is taking so long. The problem is that we can not start a real scenario and then keep upgrading the forum with the features that I need in it for the game. Many may be asking "Whats the big deal?" But if I do not do it this way, things in the database can get screwed up and the RP's that are going on can become lost.

The solution is to just RP normally. Srota has gotten an RP up and running if anyone wants to join in. I am currently putting on hold any other development of the site and working fervently on completing the RP part of the forums. I know you probably are also saying why not just leave the forums the way they are. They function enough to play an RPG. When I finish the forums, you will see why. Like I said, this will be an experience unlike any other game and I want to make sure that this vision of mine is realized, otherwise this game would really not be distinguished from others.

So please, be patient. Great things are coming. But as you know I have programmed everything from scratch on this site and in this game so it will take me just a little more time to complete the forum function. I do appreciate your patience on this and hope you will stick around for the journey we are taking together. ]]>

2013-07-20 08:29:24
Rules and Guides Section
I know that the two most awaited features for everyone are the Forum Scenario's and Factions. I need to work those properly before I just open those up. I will hopefully get the scenario's up and running in a week or two. Right now we are having a discussion as to what scenarios we should be opening up officially:

Further, you can also roleplay a general RP with your character here:

Thanks for your patience everyone. With your help, I Am sure we can make this a fun and successful game! ]]>

2013-07-17 19:17:07
Recommend a ship, own a ship
The person that recommends the most ships will also get 50 million credits as a reward. So lets do it! See how many we can come up with! ]]>

2013-07-14 18:35:14
Detecting the Force in others and HAPES!
Secondly, I have added a Force Detection feature for all those who are force sensitive and yes, I have created safeties to avoid any cheating with this tool. If anyone is Force Sensitive and you are around that individual, you will be able to sense the force in that person. If the person is unaware of their force Sensitivity, feel free to "reveal" it to them if you would like.

I will make this a sort of game just for the fun of it. There are 7 Force Sensitive characters decided by the Database itself. Whoever can locate the most of those and reveal it to them will receive a price.

First Place: A Star Wars Canon Capital ship of their choice.
Second Place: 15 million credits
Third Place: 10 Million Credits

If there is no third place winner, second place gets 20 million credits and First place gets 5 million credits. If there is no second place winner and only one person discovers them all, they will receive A capital ship and 30 million credits. Go off hunting! ]]>

2013-07-14 13:59:17
Faction Discussion
2013-07-13 08:29:24
Temporary Travel Method
When you go to see the "Beings Around You" section, you will now notice a travel selection on the top of the screen. Travel for this temporary system is instant. But in the future, it will require just a little more effort to get from one place to the other. In the meantime, travel around, see who you can spot at various locations.

Next week you may see some familiar faces from Star Wars Canon appear at your location and if I have time, you will even be able to interact with those guys! ]]>

2013-07-13 08:23:19
A New Temporary Sim Minion
He will simply be helping with simple things such as moderating the forums and accepting Game Scenario's. At times, even rewarding players. This is so he can handle the PR elements and I can work on coding the game.

This new Temp Sim Minion will be "Keibak Aruu". Some of you may have known his character from previous Sims. Once he becomes a player, his character should be known as a refresh, per his request.

Keibak currently also provides me with some Temp space for hosting a development server. I keep my development files on a completely different server so that if someone were to hack the site or if I made a really bad boo-boo, it wouldn't affect the game. Again, his hosting is also temporary until I can get a new server for myself and move everything over.

Welcome aboard Keibak and Thank you. Lets hope we can sucker... err.. Keep you on as long as possible. ;) ]]>

2013-07-12 18:11:22
First attempt at creating an environment
Faction Joining should be the next thing on my quick to do list. Enjoy! ]]>

2013-07-09 22:19:29
Want to earn some credits?
Play some games in the casino and win some big time credits. :) ]]>

2013-07-07 19:30:53
Timeline discussions
Head on down to the forum topic (If you are registered on the site) to discuss when the game should take place. Here you go: ]]>

2013-07-07 09:54:55
News Comments
Things are proceeding
I am willing to accept a few more participants into this Beta Program. Join in and I will accept you. We just need folks to trial some things, mess with the forums and test new features as I develop them until they can break.

You are also free to play as a player during this time. Its your chance to start taking the lead in things such as leading a faction or becoming force sensitive, etc.. I am only offering this ability to a few people as a first come first serve, by the way.

If you play well enough, I will let you keep what you earned when we "Officially " open.

More news as to the progress of what has gone on will be revealed soon. ]]>

We are still here.
In the meantime, stay tuned. If you have already signed up, an e-mail will be sent out to you letting you know that the site has accepted you and you are ready to rock and roll.

-TZ ]]>

Getting Closer
-Added Male and Female images of all species to the game.*
-Adjusted Image resizing so that whatever image you provide will still fit on the page without damaging the dimensions.

-When you scroll through the species and the gender, the image will change to that species and genders image.

-You can now vote up and down for a particular post. Very useful feature...
-Above the user's avatar, a link is now displayed to PM the user directly. You can also now view the user's profile by clicking on their name.**

Private Messaging:
-When you begin typing a name of a user, the field will search the database and will begin populating the "to" field with names containing the combination of letters you type in.

-Some Maintenance, Bug Fixes and Security improvements... As per usual.

Just a couple of notes:

*Species images are hard to come by. I am not an artist and at the moment, I am the only one developing this game. Therefore, some species images may not be of top quality. Also, be aware that I had to improvise as best I could with species gender. At times I could find an image for both a male and female of a particular species, other times, I just duplicated the image or found an image of one that closely resembled the opposite sex. This will be rectified in the future.

**I am not planning on implementing a "hide profile" option any time soon. If you do not want your information to be public, simply do not put anything in your profile.

Whats left to do during the next couple of days:

The Force:
-Allow a user to decide if they want the force sensitivity to be revealed to them. Please note, using this option will not "convert" your character to becoming force sensitive. If you are not found to be Force Sensitive, there will be no other opportunity in the future of becoming FS. This tool will only be available to you until January 27th. So its up to you if you would like to know if your character is Force Sensitive, or if you want to wait to be discovered IC. Perhaps you would rather live your career at this point in time without being a FS. That is fine. Use the tool at your own discretion. What ever the results are, it WILL NOT BE UNDONE.

-Need to revise Terms and Agreement for joining the game.

-Blanked out the forums, added some new ones, but still need to finish up a little on this.
-I need to finish filling in Faction Descriptions.

News Posts:
-Need to add a commenting section to the news posts. I am actually considering also adding this to the GNN news posts.

-Need to create an option for joining and leaving a faction.

-Need to add GM's to the forums. This is VERY simple and easy to do. The functions for this are already coded, I just need to do some fine tuning on the forum side of things and it will be done.
-Ability for Admin, Moderators and GM to hand out XP, Credits and OOGP for Forum Roleplays. This is also very easy to do.
-I need to implement Polls. This will be the hardest thing to implement and to be honest, I may not have this done by the deadline. Its not a necessary feature at the moment, but I really did want this done so that I can truly have a completed Forum system. So, we will see... ]]>

Latest Update
-You can type in a link and when you do, the forum will automatically convert that link to an actual clickable link.

Sign up:
-Added Starting locations to the sign up.
-Added more species.

-Improved general security. Its amazing how many places have security holes.
-Implemented Password Recovery.

-Added RSS capabilities to all news items.

-You can now change your password.
-You can edit your profile, which includes your signature(For forum and PM's), Your intro (For PM's), Bio, Physical Description, Avatar, etc..
-Added OOGP's to the game.

Looks better and better that we are going to meet the deadline for the 15th. ;) ]]>

Things are on schedule
Either way, I think a little news regarding the updates that took place over the last couple of days is worth hearing:

-Added reply count to the forums.
-You can subscribe and unsubscribe to a topic.

-Added Captcha and more security to the sign up.
-Your password must be stronger now.(At least 8 characters, 1 lower and 1 upper case letter and a number).
-A better list of species for you to select from.
-A wide list of Starting locations to choose from (Please understand, this is not the full list of planets that can be found in the game come July. We plan to have thousands more).
-You can now choose a gender. No, Neutral will not be a choice.
-An avatar, depending on your gender and species will be generated for you upon signing up. You may change it after registration within your profile page.
-Added a Math Equation for you to fill in (Just simple addition) for added security.

-Some slight fixups
-Some tighter security

Whats left to do before the 15th:

-Need to add the ability to post polls.
-Need to add plus/minus
-Need to give Moderators and GM's the ability to hand out XP and credits and OOGP.
-Blank them out and finish adding boards that need to be added.

News page:
-Need to add a comments field to the site news page, not the GNN.
-Need to add RSS feature for all news pages.

-Password recovery
-Add an OOGP field in the database
-Profile Editing

-Ability to join the factions that are available at start.

-Just need to add some general content (Faction descriptions, etc..)

-View others that are at the same starting location as you are on.

Do not worry. It seems like a lot, but this will all get done before the 15th. Most of those items have already been partially developed and just need some fine tuning. Be prepared! :)

After that, the goal for the 27th to the 30th is to add Scenario specific forums and some game rules for when it is finished. ]]>

Our Story begins...
Early joining
The only thing left to do to get a basic forum running perfectly is:
-Subscribing to a topic
-Reply Totals
-Admin ability to hand out XP on RP posts.

That would get a generic Forum up with pretty much all the features that a forum would need, both on the moderation side of things and for the general public. On the client side the following needs to be done:

-Captcha for registration
-Adding a more complete list of species
-Allowing users to select a starting location for their character (Traveling will be disabled at this time).
-Password recovery
-Faction Joining

These things should be really the only things needed to get the RP "STARTED". However, from now until June, the game will be continuously developed and will contain all the features that I have "Invisioned" for the game itself.

So, without further interruption of starting this game, the official game story and Timeline will be released Friday evening, Eastern Standard Time, January 4th, 2013.

The Official opening of the game will be held on January 27th, 2013. We will take registrations again starting on January 15th, 2013. If you have already registered, your account will become deleted and you will need to re-register with the game.

Furthermore, for all those that register, starting on the 15th and ending on the 27th, will have a tool available to them that will reveal if they are force sensitive or not. This will be your only chance to do so via the game until character force testing is implemented within the game or whether you are discovered within a scenario. If you wish to remain ignorant to your sensitivity, you may choose to not use the tool in anyway.

By revealing the story release, registration and official game start dates, I feel I have given everyone enough time to figure out what they want to do with their character and get off to a good start with them as well as familiarize yourself a bit with the game FAQ and the partial rules that will be released with the game. It also gives the universe enough time to grab a select few force sensitive beings to start the game off on.

As mentioned, the game will be fully completed with the proper vision I had for it no later than June. Please do not ask when a certain feature will be released.

After a few weeks of play and noticing who the active players and knowledgeable, yet mature ones are, I will be taking requests to join the development and administration team in limited capacity so that those members can help fill in the universe content.

So, if this tickles your fancy, please, spread the word and let others know of the game! ]]>

For those that are registering on the site...
This is because as was mentioned before, we are still in pre-production. Once the pre-production period is over, we will start taking beta testing applications and approve those on a beta testing site, not the public one.

So, while you may register at the moment, you will not be approved and once the game is out of beta and we go live officially, we will wipe out all user accounts that have registered to receive e-mail updates.

The purpose of the site being live at the moment is so that you can all see the progress being made, get used to the site and also make sure the site shows up in search engines.

I do apologize for the inconvenience and frustration, but I think its important that I inform you of whats going on. Thanks for your patience. The game's development is coming along nicely. The estimate for when this game will go live is expected to be no later than June 2013. Most likely, it will be sooner.

I will be taking applications soon for the administration team, so do keep your eyes on this area. Thanks again. ]]>

Update 3

-Set a fixed background image and centered it a bit on the main page.
-Added a new and official logo for the site/game.
-Did some cosmetic changes to the sites look.

Log in system:
-Returns you to the page you were on when you logged in so you do not lose your place.
-Checks to make sure that you confirmed your e-mail address and that an admin confirmed you.
-Checks to see if you have been banned from the game.

-Will check to see if you are a registered user already.
-Will make sure you provide an e-mail.
-Will send out a registration e-mail so that the user can confirm their e-mail account on the site.

-Added number of views to the forums.
-Added the ability to lock forum topics.
-Added new pinned and locked icons for the topics.

-The site functions perfectly for MacOS, Windows, Linux, Android OS, IOS, WebOS using Opera, IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari and has a decent responsive setting for different resolutions and displays. Of course, not all the special design features are maintained throughout all systems and browsers as all are not completely compatible with CSS 3 and HTML 5 fully. However, for the most part, it functions %100 and looks nearly %100 throughout all of them. The site is best viewed in Chrome and Firefox.
-Added Meta Keys so that the site can be found by others.
-Fixed E-Mail messages that come through for DM's.
-Found a few places that were vulnerable for SQL Injection and fixed them. ]]>

For those of you viewing and waiting for the beta testing period, this is for you! Part 1.
So, to better have you understand what you are waiting for, let me fill you in.

The Framework:
The basic site framework. This is complete. The basic framework is in place and the whole site/game works as a CMS so that things can be added easily to the game without a hitch.

The Advanced Framework:
While the basic CMS functions heavily, I still want to add enhancements where every single aspect is maintainable via the administration client and not via source code or the database itself. This allows me to have a proper administration team when the time comes that can debug, fix and enhance the game/site without having to go through the code unnecessarily. This aspect still needs some work. The other feature to this that I wish to implement is a way for users and factions to create and use their own custom themes and share it with others, allowing the site to be more attractive to the user. All this is almost complete, but not quite. Estimated completetion time is around March 2013.

When I add a new feature, I do my very best to anticipate as many security flaws that it could have as possible. That means trying to figure out if a user can backdoor their way into something, if they can manipulate the code or even use SQL Injection, HTML Hacking to break through the games defenses. I ned to make sure that a user wouldn't be able to hack through someone else's account or steal their assets. I need to make sure that all users that sign up are actual people and not bots. There is a lot to do in this area. Therefore, before a new feature that is added and marked as completed, it goes through this test and thought process.

Advanced Security:
At the moment, user security is tight. Hacking through the site has been impossible, for me anyway. However, there are some area's as a whole that need to be protected more thoroughly. This means stronger encrpytion for passwords and profile data as well. Estimated Completetion: On-Going. Wont be done until all features are released and will always be improved on.

The main game play comes from the forums and there is still a lot to do. As of now, the only way to moderate a topic is via the database. The only moderation function there is, is that of an admin being allowed to edit a post. The following needs to be done with an expected finish date for that specific function:

--Ability to subscribe to a forum topic: January/February 2013
--Ability to lock a thread: January 2013
--Ability to delete a thread: January 2013
--Forum Moderator checking and functions: January/February 2013
--Forum Polls: February/ March 2013
--Forum plus/minus: February 2013
--Forum View and reply totals: January 2013
--Completed Forum BBCode: April 2013
--RPG Type Forums (With GM, to assign XP to the user: April/May 2013
--Scenario Type forum (With GM, but some minor extra features for the game so that players and GM's can do more than just the standard RPG forum things: April/May 2013
--Market forums for selling and buying items: April/May 2013
--Auction forums for running auction on sales: April/May 2013
--Services forum for offering services, looking for work or looking to hire someone: April/May 2013

In Part 2 I will explain what I am looking for in regards to the Game Universe itself and in regards to what I consider to be a completed game. I want to assure you that most of the features outlined above will not take that long to implement. That is a worst case scenario and I have actually put a lot of time ahead of what it will actually take for me to finish that up. The next point I wanted to make is that once Part 2 of this is explained, I am still going to have a beta testing period for the game where I will work those testers to death to make sure that the game works as it should and so that cheaters and hackers can not get through.

Stay tuned. For those of you that will stick through this period, it will be worth it, I promise you that. ]]>

Site Update 2
*We have a new theme installed for the site. Therefore it looks different.
*The site now has a new and official logo displayed at the top of the page.
*Fixed some styling errors.
*Fixed how credits are displayed on the website. Now the comma's will be in the proper place.
*Made sure the site is a bit more responsive in terms of different resolutions or device displays. Not perfect, but it works in most cases and in every other case, everything is still functional.

*In the last update we added usergroups, now forums can have more than one usergroup assigned to it.
*Forum topics can now be pinned(Stickied) for the forums.

The Force:
*If you are force sensitive and known, your stats are now displayed.

Currency system:
*You can now see and exchange your credits.
*Failsafes have been implemented so that users can not cheat.
*Notifications will be sent to both parties that receive and send credits.
*If some day the user will have over a trillion credits, the system will now make adjustments to how it displays that on the menu so that it does not destroy the layout of the site.

Notification system:
*A way to record events in the game has been added.
*You now receive event notifications based on the credits system.
*Event alert system has been implemented to notify you of each time an event occurs.
*Event page has been added and will mark the alerts as read once you go to the page.

*As always, we looked for bugs and squashed them.
*With every update, we make sure that the system still performs with top notch security, so of course, we improved in this area.

Not as much or as promising as the last update, but I think the new site look really made a major improvement on the enjoyment of the site. Stay tuned. More improvements are coming.


New Sync

Next up, the following items have been synced to pre-production:

*Added the ability to use Signatures with BBCode.
*Fixed some bugs and Security issues.
*The system now has the option to record events for each user action.
*Removed redundant source files and improved over all loading speed of the site.
*Added a FAQ to the site which is updated by the database.
*The top menu will now order menu items the way it is told to in the database.
*Home screen can now show more than just an introduction. It can now be a full fledged frontpage.
*Much of the site works as a CMS rather than hardcoded functions. Makes it easier to update game features or add new ones in the future without causing too much havoc if the simmaster and programmer goes inactive.
*Various undocumented fixes and features.

*The forums will now check for user bans.
*The forums now work with usergroups to give proper access when needed.
*Improved Forum Security.
*Added forum Signatures.
*Added forum breadcrumbs
*Added forum top menu so that you can switch between forums easily.
*Fixed a few bugs.

GNN (Galactic News Network):
*A system is now in place and will display GNN news as well as tell you when the news was last updated in a menu module on the main page.

*Fixed a bug where if you checked your outbox or sent pm box that the message would be marked read for the reciever.
*When a reciever deletes their message, the sender can still see the message in their sent box.
*Added PM Signature and Intro message that you can set up in your profile(Once a proper profile editor is set up).
*Altered the email message that is sent out to the user to be a bit more specific.

The Force:
*Added the ability for a player to be Force Sensitive.
*Force checks are performed on sign up.
*Added the ability for force users to have midichlorian counts.

Admin Tools:
*The administration now has a way to add ship types and species to the games.