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Distress Signal from the Outer Rim
By: Talibar Zukro(The Galactic Republic) , on: 2017-02-04 17:30:17
***A distress signal is being transmitted. The connection is faint and can barely make it what it is transmitting***

"To anyone who can hear me.. This is... .. Tal. Zukro... I fear my time is cut short. Anyone who for the rebel cause.. you are .. charge.. Only hope now."

***The signal cuts out. With that, a call to a new Rebel Alliance leader needs to be answered***

Proelium pro Throni
By: Alexis Vikram(Hapes Consortium) , on: 2017-12-15 23:42:19
Sentients across Galaxy gathered around their holovids shocked at the apparent forced abdication of Alexis Vikram and the rise of Jiewoo Mieds as the King of Hapes.

King Mieds rose to power after Alexis Vikram left Lorell on a diplomatic mission. Contact with Vikram's ship and vanguard was temporarily lost, which caused alarm among officials and supporters stationed in the capital. Many analysts believe Mieds rise to power was as a result of the alarm and confusion caused by the lost of contact with Vikram's fleet. According to Vikram's former Minister of Defence, Mied's began his ascent by consolidating power amongst fringe House's and groups outside Hapes. These groups have long been troublesome for the former King and have outwardly voiced their displeasure with Vikram's liberal agenda. Much of the animosity can be attributed to Vikram's move, earlier last year, to start opening up trade outside of Hapes. The former Minister of Defence argued that the move brought renewed prosperity to the capital. The outland Houses believed the move would damage the Hapan culture, and negatively effect their own standing within the Government. Alexis tried to dispel their dismay by appointing several members of the very vocal opposition to high ranking positions inside the Government, this proved to be the 'death knell' for Vikram's role as King. One of the members of the opposition appointed to a cabinet position was none other than Jiewoo Mieds.

There are reports and rumors of discontent among some of the most powerful Royal Hapan houses at the sudden removal of the widely beloved King Vikram. Even further reports state that elements inside Lorell have begin arming themselves in case of a civil war. Vikram himself has been relatively quiet on the manner only briefly appearing on the Hapan News Network to announce that Jiewoo Mieds has taken power in the capital and to urge the Royal Hapan Houses to wait until a proper resolution can be reached before resorting to full rebellion. His statement was as follows,

"While Mr.Mieds has betrayed my trust, I urge my friends, allies, and the Great Houses of Hapes to await until a resolution can be met before resorting to full on rebellion. The current political climate can not allow us to fight amongst ourselves for it will only bring destitution and despair to the fair citizens of Hapes. We must stand together in this crisis as one people. Our enemies will only use this as an opportunity to strike."

Jiewoo Mieds has yet to comment on the situation himself, but he has already instilled a cabinet of his supporters at the helm of the Government. He's mobilized portions of the Hapan Navy and Military loyal to his group to hold and lock down sectors of Lorell where the Great Houses are stationed. One of Mied's self-appointed ministers issued a statement encouraging all citizens to remain indoors until a proper resolution can be met. Though, it is believed by analysts that Jiewoo will utilize the lock down as an opportunity to negotiate 'down' the other Houses and consolidate power outside of Lorell. In the meantime, Vikram's superior military fleet sits outside the planet blocked from entering Hapan airspace by Jiewoo's loyalists. A sign that Vikram refuses to engage in direct combat. While citizens, members of the Military, and political powers outside Hapes all await a resolution in whichever form that may come.

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